Apr 09, 2020

Should You become A Professional Poker Player?

You might be grinding very well at the poker table and winning a handsome sum of prizes frequently. But you still get stuck on a question- Am I ready to go poker pro?

There’s no denying that frequent wins are proof of you showcasing best of your skills at the poker tables and might continue it further. Have you heard the saying “There is more to poker than life”, which is perfectly said because you might think that you have mastered the game but you have just started exploring it? Higher the time you invest in poker, the better you get. There are many minor and major things that you will learn by every passing session you devote at a poker table. So, declaring yourself a poker pro at initial stage will not help you but would rather risk your bankroll abruptly.

There are numerous factors that should affect your decision to become a professional player. If you have a family that too with a child, your expenses will increase and risking your bankroll at that moment calls for you to reconsider your decision. But if you make a good sum of money, secure paycheck, then considering poker as your side source of income might be a positive aspect for you to continue the lane.

One thing most players don’t consider while going pro is you may not be as good as you think you are. Remember, if you don’t have a long track record of winning at poker games, you should definitely reconsider before taking it professionally. This is because when you play online poker games professionally, it requires a drastically different mindset as compared to playing poker recreationally.

The thing most of the players fail to understand is that they might enjoy poker as a hobby and not a job. The biggest factor in determining whether or not you will be a successful poker player is through the qualities that a poker player should hold - Patience, Discipline, Emotional Control, Focus, and Awareness. If you ought to miss out on any of these qualities then, essentially, you should be working on building these requisite qualities.

You might know and would also apply optimal poker strategy to your gameplay, but what happens when you start to let emotions start dictating your lines of play? How do you react when you run into those cold streaks? What happens when you start to lose that bankroll that you’ve worked so hard to build? So, do you keep a calm, composed, and focused behavior in these difficult situations? Or do you tilt off to higher stakes, and try to recover your losses, all while making poorer decisions and losing even more money? These few important question would definitely make you reconsider your decision.

Before an amateur poker player decides to turn ways into a professional poker player, it is advisable that you should initiate your bet with low stakes, play more hands per hours, start your play with online poker games because it will teach you how to handle bad beat because you will be playing insanely large number of hands.

Hopefully, this article helps you to decide at what stage in your life you should take a chance to go poker pro. At the end, it’s all about the right time.

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