Apr 09, 2020


Marvel And Poker Go Hand in Hand

5 years shy of a century, Marvel comics co-creator and loved by the generation that grew up on spider-man, iron man, hulk to name a few, Stan Lee finally bid adieu to his fans. People who grew up on his marvelous writing, alliteration driven names and of course the ever famous Stan “The Man” Lee’s signature word “Excelsior” which means “ever upward”. He taught every player that a bad beat will never stay because you shall move “ever upward” always.

His characters have portrayed massive amounts of vigour, strength, valour and of course taking risks. All of which a poker player will always need for their game.

The Hulk:

The Hulk is a prime example of why anger during a game will never be beneficial to any player. His anger, albeit useful to ward off the evil, it didn’t bode well in his aspects of being a better team player or even for himself. So if you wish to be aggressive and be someone who is angry at the felts, think again.


Iron-man as we all know, has a keen sense of panache and style. Also he does play stellar poker. Iron man does have a sense of obsession where he forgets to eat or sleep. This is what many players tend to do and it can hamper their life, family and of course their health. Some players obsess over a bad beat and keep playing themselves into a rut. So as a player, know when to balance yourself out.


Let’s face it, Thanos does want to destroy the world, which we all secretly want because TRAFFIC!! But that being said, that sense of morbid insanity cannot be healthy especially if you are a player on the felts. Obsessing over a bad hand or replaying a loss, will only make matters worse. Learn to walk away from the things that you have no control over, but also learn from those mistakes.


Juggernaut is one massive mound of human. He has super human strength and of course his only reaction to everything is destroy. As a player on the felts, destroying your opponent shouldn’t be the driving force for playing your game. Strategic planning goes a longer way.

These are just some of the amazing and of course tear jerking memories of these wonderful and evergreen characters. Stan Lee not only gave us memories, he created something so massive, that no one can come close to what he has produced, put through and most of all sustained it all through the years. Stan Lee, you will never be forgotten.

‘Nuff Said!

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