Mar 21, 2018

The third day of the 2.6 Crore Guaranteed PokerBaazi Premier League Winter'17 Edition saw a total of 5 events and was highlighted by the 50 Lac guaranteed High-roller event. Let’s take a look at how things unfolded in yesterday’s action.

Event 11: 1 Lac R+A

The first event of the day was the 1 Lac guaranteed Rebuy/Add-on event, which attracted 142 unique entries increasing the prize- pool by nearly 50% to INR 1,42,000. ‘Ohno’ defeated ‘usermane’ heads up to take down the event along with a score of INR 29,925.

Event 12: 1.5 Lac RE

The 1.5 Lac guaranteed Re-entry event was the second of the evening, and roped in 147 unique entries with 139 re-entries. Pole position rewarded INR 31,500, and it was ‘gangajal’ who defeated ‘Hades’ heads up to ship this event.

Event 13: 5 Lac Deepstack Turbo              

The 5 Lac guaranteed deepstack turbo event attracted 156 entries along with 92 re-entries, taking the total prize pool to INR 6,20,000. ‘lokpok’ found himself heads up againt ‘sherkhan88’ and managed to win the event along with a hefty payday of INR 1,25,550.

Event 14: 50 Lac High-roller

The biggest event of the day, this 50 Lac guaranteed 6-max high-roller consisted of 146 of the toughest players in the country battling it out for the title of Highroller champion and the jaw-dropping first place prize of INR 10.55 Lac. 55 Re-entries to this event saw the prize pool sum up to INR 50,20,000. A little under 11 hours later, we had our champion – PokerBaazi Team PRO Abhishek Panda defeated ‘OMG_spew’ heads up to seal the deal and title of the PPL Winter Edition High-roller event.

Event 15: 1 Lac Turbo FO

The I Lac guaranteed Turbo Freeze-out event was the last one for Day 3, and attracted 181 entries totaling to a prize pool of INR 1,08,600. ‘FishermanR’ once again finds himself on top of the field, defeating ‘BAZIGAAR’ heads up for the win and a payday of INR 21,720.

Congratulations to all the winner of Day 3!

Day 4 will kick off at 3 pm today and is headlined by the 25 Lac guaranteed PLO High-roller event.

Check out the complete schedule along with the Leaderboard standings in the links below:



Fantasy League:

Good luck to all the Baazigars for Day 4 and the PLO High-roller event!


The ongoing PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition continues to clock guarantee-crushing numbers with the conclusion of Day 6. Here are the highlights of yesterday’s Events:

Event 21

138 players took part in this 1L GTD RA event. “underdog05” was the last man standing after defeating “KarmaPoker” heads up, winning 23,730 in prize money.

Event 22

The 2L GTD event was the second event of the evening, attracting 187 unique entries. With nearly 2.2 LAC up for grabs, it was “tena” who took down this event along with a cool 43,680 in prize money. Runner up of Event 22 was “md20”.

Event 23

This 1.5 LAC GTD Freezeout event had 149 entries. Heads up play saw “pranav.bang1” and “ciroc” battling it out for pole position, with the latter coming out on top and winning 31,500 in prize money.

Event 24

Headlining the events of Day 6, the 15 LAC GTD Main Event Warm Up saw 224 entries and a total prizepool of 17,65,000 on offer! After nearly 8 hours of poker, the field was down to the last two. “pranav.bang1” and “jojobindaz” faced off in a heads up battle with the former emerging victorious. Bettering his second place finish earlier in the day, “pranav.bang1” also won 3,44,175 for his efforts.    

Event 25

Day 6 concluded with the 1L GTD Turbo RA event. 113 entries to this event shot the prizepool to over 1.7 LAC. Top spot was taken by “qazxsw2” along with 41,640 in prize money. The runner up of Event 25 was “Manali_Cream”.

Congratulations to all the winners of Day 6!

Today marks the final day of the PPL SE. It will be headlined by the PPL SE MAIN EVENT, with a whopping 60 LAC in Guaranteed Prizepool. Join us as Day 7 kicks off at 3pm.

Intruder” sits atop the Leaderboard after Day 6, followed by “ketchup” and “Amit1Sur” respectively. Check out the complete standing here.

For PPL SE Fantasy League standings, click here.

PokerBaazi would like to wish all the players the very best for Day 7 and the much anticipated Main Event. See you at the tables!

#PokerBaazi #PPL #SpecialEdition #Day6 #Baazigar, country's most trusted poker brand, is back with it's prominent tournament series - The PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition and this version guarantees to be greater than any time in the recent memory! The Special Edition is scheduled to run from 28th August- 3rd September 2017.

The seven-day poker marathon will have 31 competitions with an astounding prize guarantee of 2.4 CRORE. You can check the grand schedule of the PPL here. The schedule has following big events:

  • 60 LAC GTD Main Event
  • 40 LAC GTD HighRoller
  • 20 LAC GTD PLO HighRoller
  • A daily big guarantee worth 10 LAC or more
  • All tournaments have a minimum guarantee of 1 LAC

The tournaments have the best structures as they are designed by PokerBaazi’s PRO team, which consists of some of the best known Poker players in the country including Abhishek Rathod, Abhishek Panda, Jasven Saigal, Vikram Kumar & Maria Kirloskar. Since its origination, the PokerBaazi Premier League has been the champion tournament series for Indian poker players. The previous 6 editions, have consistently beaten the guarantees and witnessed record participation. The latest, Season VI which took place in May 2017, easily crushed the record of 1.5 Crore GTD with of over 4000 entries.

The PokerBaazi Premier League is a unique series not only because of its massive guarantees ensured but also the giveaways. There are leaderboard prizes worth 15 LAC to reward your performance in the series. This includes a 3 LAC prize to the Baazigar of the Series. is running daily satellite tournaments on its platform to help players win a package of the PPL Special Edition worth 55,000/-.

Step 1- satellites are daily at 4:00 PM and 9:30 PM

Step 2- satellites are every Sunday at 10:30 PM. Through these satellites, you can win the PPL Special Edition package for as low as 135.

The package and tickets of PPL are also available on the Baazi VIP Store, the website’s flagship poker retail store, the first of its kind in India. PokerBaazi is running an early bird offer giving away huge discounts on the tickets.

PokerBaazi Premier League Season VI just got better on its last day with better competition and sumptuous cash prizes. The last day consisted of six events, participation of 1003 players and a total prize pool worth a massive 72,26,550.

Event 19: 50K GTD (FreezeOut)

The first event of the day commenced at 4 PM. 160 players participated in it and created a prize pool of 80,000. ‘anupam_aryan’ outranked everyone with a prize amount of 16200. ‘guntz’ took the second spot by winning 12200 and ‘Ohno’ got the third position for a prize of 9200. 

Event 20: 1 LAC GTD (R+A)

The game started to get more fierce in the next tournament, which started at 6 PM. 123 players took part in it and the prize pool went up to 172500. ‘raoulr’ paved to the top position with the prize amount of 37950. Anirban Das ‘pottysingh’ claimed the second spot by winning 28463 and ‘toothless’ won 20700 for the third position.  

Event 21: 2 LAC GTD (FreezeOut)

FreezeOuts have their own attraction and this one attracted 159 players creating a prize pool of 318000. ‘Zigmund’ chugged all the way to the first place by winning 64395. Vivek Rughani ‘ishoveonyou’ took the second spot by winning 48495 and ‘guestuser’ seized the third position by winning 36570.

Event 22: MAIN EVENT (50 LAC GTD, 10 LAC GTD to 1st Place)

The much awaited mega event began at 10 PM. 318 players participated in it and built-up a prize pool worth 6375000, one of India’s biggest single online tournament prize pools. Nishant Sharma ‘nishant177’ took the first rank by winning a whopping 1195313, Varun Gupta ‘VnutsG’ earned 876563 for a second position. Arjun Dhingra ‘mysteryrider’ took the third position by winning 478125 and ‘Mudeth’ claimed the fourth spot by winning 478125. 

Event 23: 75K GTD (R+A)

The next event for 75 K GTD (R+A) began at 11 PM. 101 players participated in it, creating a prize pool of 110800. Aditya Kumar ‘adikumar2010’ took the top spot by winning 26592. ‘deluge420’ took the second spot by winning 18836 and ‘jojobindaz’ took the third spot by winning 13296. 

Event 24: Hangover (1 Lac GTD) (Turbo Re-Entry)

The Hangover started at midnight. 142 players participated in the final event of this season and built up a prize pool of 170250. ‘Alln’ took the top spot by winning 35753. ‘Button_Hai_Bro’ claimed the second spot by winning 26389 and Akshay Pathak ‘AkshayP’ took the third position by winning 20004. 

On the Leaderboard standings after Day 5, ‘sherlock’ took the top spot with 1781 points, ‘spacecadet’ conquered the second position with 1691 points and ‘ketchup’ got on to the third rank with 1567 points. 

The gala is not over yet and concocts yourself for many looked-for delights at the PPL After Party from 15th to 30th May. There will be a 1.5 LAC GTD (2 Re-Entry) every day at 10 PM from 15th to 30th May. You have to win 2 of these tournaments and make 1 LAC VIP points in the After Party to win Macbook, iPhone red, BSS tickets & much more. You can play these tournaments for free by using deposit code ‘CHALLENGE’ with a 5K deposit which will be converted to Real Cash Bonus.

The cash rewards in the PPL After Party include 1.25x value for your Baazi Coins on the Baazi VIP Store. For more details, click here.

Have more questions? Just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1800 3000 9630 Toll-free. Follow our social media channels for all the live updates of PokerBaazi promotions.


PokerBaazi Premier League aka PPL is by far the biggest stage for poker players longing for ultimate online poker experience and biggest cash prizes in India. This can be accentuated with the datum of PPL 4 bestowing players with a guaranteed prize of 6.5 Million. Well, the delight fast-tracked when the first day kindled with thrills, adrenaline and excitement, kicked off yesterday at 7 PM and saw 144 registrations trailed with the main event offering 7 LACS GTD prize.

First event

The first event for day 1 commenced at 7 PM for 30K GTD [R+A] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. The event drew 120 players and they built-up a prize pool worth Rs 80600.  Keshav Chadha ‘Urindanger’ chugged all the way to the top spot by winning Rs 17732, ‘pingu’ took the second spot by winning Rs 13299 and ‘Nikhil.31.u’ earned Rs 9672 for the third place.

Second event

The action moved at a brisk pace when the satellite for the second event started at 7 PM where 44 players participated. The event 2 for day 1 instigated at 9 PM for 50K GTD [FreezeOut] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. 159 players created a total prize pool of Rs 79500. Jimmy Arora ‘jeeven’ treaded to the top position by winning Rs 16099, ‘thehorse7’ took the second spot by winning Rs 12124 and ‘krishan’ took the third spot with a cash prize of Rs 9143. Getting excited? Well, time to keep your nerves under control as we take you to the highlights of the main event.

Main event

The main event for 7 LAC GTD [2 ReEntries] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em began at 10 PM. 144 players participated in it and the total prize pool went up to a whopping Rs 955000. The combat endured for straight 7 hours. ‘zimmyyash’ seized the lead by winning Rs 200550, ‘rohitbegwani’ was next in stroke with Rs 148025, ‘Mrsinister’ took the third spot by winning Rs 112213 and ‘killersam’ took the fourth spot by winning Rs 85950.

Fourth Event

The fourth event for 45K GTD [R+A] [Turbo] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em commenced at 11.30 PM. 108 players contended in it and the total prize pool was Rs 91200. ‘pocketjs’ took the top position by winning Rs 21888, ‘VnutsG’ shoved for Rs 15504 and ‘Amit030’ took the third spot by winning Rs 10944. The gala is not over yet and concoct yourself for much more looked-for delights in PPL 4, which is a 5-day affair and encompasses 24 super exciting events.

We have always mentioned that Leaderboard points are as exciting as the games and PPL 4 will have a leaderboard prize of 6 LAC Real cash chips. ‘zimmyyash’ took the top spot with 564 points, ‘Urindanger’ got the second rank with 471 points and ‘jeeven’ got the third rank with 466 points.

Head over to the PPL 4 Main page and view a schedule of the remaining events. Want to register? Have more questions? Just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1800 3000 9630 Toll-free

Please follow our social media channels for all the live updates.

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