Feb 25, 2018

A large number of players want to switch from online to live to be a part of the real live poker experience. You may think poker is poker, so why so hype about the transition? The difference between online poker and live poker is poles apart, if you are not organized in making this transition, then major problems can trip you up. Playing sitting in front of your PC while making microsecond decisions and being physically present at a slow-paced game is indeed diverse. Are you prepared to hiding your emotions from your opponents? You might also have to deal with a host of characters, including obnoxious, loud or simply big-headed.

Seat selection- Play online poker, you don't have much choice about seat selection and you normally have to accept the one seat that becomes available, whereas, in live games, the seat can make a difference between winning and losing. You should be able to pick the seat that is most profitable in the long run, especially when a new table opens and if due to any reason you cannot get into that seat, you should try to move there.

Analysis- Online is generally considered as easy as all you have to do is to go to the lobby and found the best possible game for you according to the table. You can see where the worst players are playing, where a large number of players tend to see the flop and tables with either the biggest pots. You will likely be able to analyze the potential profitability of a game depending on your strengths and weaknesses. In live games, it might take you a bit longer time to analyze which one is best for you as there is no history available for the number of callers or the pot size.

Reaction- No one can see you smiling when you are dealt pocket aces or see you bang your head when you miss your draw while playing online but your opponents can see your emotions in live tournaments, so make sure that you stay calm when looking at the cards as they come out. The best way to deal with this situation is to look at your opponents when the flop is dealt and not in the cards.

You might find these things obvious but sometimes the obvious is overlooked, which makes it necessary to review notes. The skills which you have learned while playing online will bring a great knowledge to the table but it’s time to focus on live reading skills. 

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You might have heard a lot from the doyens saying online poker and live poker functioning in the same way. Players are dealt two cards, the blinds are posted, a flop/turn/river turned, betting happens, the pot awarded to the best five cards, people win or lose tailed by the hand ranking chart. However, they might sound kindred, but there are not too many connections playing online and live poker when it comes to the environs, dynamics or overall decisions. The debate will never come to a satisfactory conclusion since the bifurcation ratio differs in the set of skills and abilities. We bring you few major differences between playing poker online in India and playing live poker tournaments in India.

Slow or Fast

You might find live poker as a slow game due to the number of hands you will see during play. One other reason which can frustrate online players is that they cannot play multi-table in live poker. In live poker, you cannot play more than 25-30 hands/hour whereas in online poker in India, you can even play more than 100 hands/hour if you are playing multi-table. Apart from that, you will have to store all the database in your skull as hand histories aren’t automatically saved as in online games.

Skills Required

For online poker, you need a lot of calculative skills like the ability to control tilt, analyse your opponent or more over your own play and making quick decisions especially if you are multi-tabling. For live poker, you need to be easy-going as you cannot play multi-table, basic understanding of seat selection, spotting tells or any other clues and thorough records as you cannot rely on the tracking software.

What is it about?

Online poker is all about playing your Ace game, firing up as many tables as possible as it is more about volume, rake back, a highly developed multi-tasking ability, position, stack, the ability to manipulate bubbles, a balance of aggression, a complete understanding of ranges and of course different tracking software like HEM and Poker Tracker. Live poker game relies on different parameters such as the cost of traveling, choosing the tournament and the game and most importantly reading your opponents.

Multi-way Pots

Even before a community card is dealt, you will recurrently be heads-up to the flop or even pre-flop with all-in and call situations that validate many more pots go multi-way at a live table in comparison to online table. In an online game, fewer players are constantly calling pre-flop raises, so you will see far fewer multi-way pots.

Live is livelier

In live games you get the opportunity to meet like-minded people which can make the live game livelier than online games which are somehow too pasteurized, can create ennui and you just hop from one table to another, centring on rolling money and not on chums playing on the table. Live is way more fun!!

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