Feb 20, 2018

Day 5: PPL Spring’18

The PokerBaazi Premier League Spring’18 Edition concluded its fifth Day with Events 25 through to 30. Here’s how the Day unfolded:

Event 25: 1L GTD R+A

The Day kicked off with Event 25 – a 1LAC guaranteed Rebuy/Add-on event. It saw 118 entrants along with 193 rebuys. Heads up saw ‘jeeven’ defeat ‘flippp’ for the win and a payday of INR 22,000.

Event 26: 3L GTD 6-max RE

Next up was the 3LAC guaranteed 6-max Re-entry event, which roped in 95 entries along with 84 re-entries. It was eventually ‘criminal_mind’ who took down the event, beating ‘abhishek081190’ Heads up for a sweet payday of INR 72,000.

Event 27: 4L GTD FO

The 4LAC guaranteed Freeze-out Event was next in line and attracted a field of 130 players. After over 5 hours of play, heads up saw ‘VJS2807’ and ‘Lucid’ battling it out, with the former coming out on top and winning a prize of INR 88,000 for his efforts.

Event 28: 2.5L GTD R+A

Event 28 was a 2.5LAC guaranteed Rebuy/Add-on event. 95 players took part in the event, utilizing a total of 158 rebuys. ‘qazxsw2’ came out on top of the field, defeating ‘agent080’ heads up for a score of INR 60,000.

Event 29: 50L GTD 6-max HighRoller

The big one of the Day, Event 29 marked the featured Event – a 50LAC guaranteed 6-max Highroller event. 118 of the biggest names in Indian poker took part in this event, utilizing a total of 49 re-entries. It was none other than recent WSOP bracelet winner Aditya ‘gangajal’ Sushant who took down the event, defeating ‘Sara24’ Heads up for the title and a mammoth Payday of INR 11,00,000. Second place was rewarded INR 8,25,000.

Event 30: The BIG 10 (5RE)

The final event of the day was the Big 10 – a 10LAC guaranteed Re-entry event. Over 6 and a half hours of play was what it took to crown the winner – ‘fsociety’ who defeated ‘AbhishekRathod’ heads up for the win and a payday of INR 2,10,600.

Congratulations to all the Winners of Day 5!

Day 6 of the PPL Spring’18 kicks off at 2:00 pm today and is Headlined by the 15LAC guaranteed Main Event Warm-up, scheduled for 8:00 pm.

The complete schedule of the PPL Spring’18 is available here: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl#ppl

Day 5 Leaderboard: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl-leaderboard

Day 5 Fantasy League Leaderboard: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl-fantasy-leaderboard

Good luck for Day 6 Baazigars!



PokerBaazi Premier League 6 clocked in as the biggest online poker tournament in India. When it comes to PPL, there's really no need for a slow build up and yes, the total prize pool crossed 2 Crore. With a participation of more than 4000 players, it turned out to be massive for many players. We reached out to our winners to congratulate them and asked them to share their best moments. Without further ado, let's introduce our winners.

Akshay Nasa - Baazigar of the Series

If ever there was someone destined to claim this title, it was Akshay Nasa. So dominant and consistent was he in the tournament that he made many players wonder: "It is better to give up!"

“Pokerbaazi is one of the best platforms to play poker in India offering unparalleled user experience and customer support. With the whole bunch of exciting promotions coming all around the year, this site is the best way to start your online poker journey.”

Nishant177 on getting 1st place in the Main Event: 50 LAC GTD (10 LAC GTD to the Winner)

Nishant Sharma is the Main Event Winner of PokerBaazi Premier League 6. He overcame a tough field of 318 players and won a cash prize 1195313.

“I always look forward to PPL After Party for huge GTDs with some great structure and there is a lot of side things going on, like Leaderboard, Fantasy team and some crazy LMS money too. The upgraded software is just brilliant as is the classic low light black theme. Overall, it was an amazing experience.”

Lakshya Khurana “BadBeatFish” finished third place in the PPL 6 Event 11: HIGHROLLER (30 LAC GTD) (6-Max Re-Entry)

"It was a fabulous experience playing on PokerBaazi. Really impressed with the software. Finishing 3rd in the High Roller event was a one-of-a-kind experience in my life. The tournament structure was amazing, the best I’ve seen so far in any online tourney on Indian sites. The players were good. All in all, I'm ecstatic to finish so well in such a big tourney. Thanks Baazi for providing me this opportunity."

Avinash Tauro “Spacecadet” on securing 2nd place in Event:2 75K GTD (FreezeOut) and 1st place in Event 17: 50K GTD (FreezeOut)

“The PPL VI was the most fun I have had in any series. I played 18 of the 24 tourneys, shipped one & placed second in another with a total of 8 cashes. Ended up in 2nd place on the Leaderboard just 90 points behind the eventual leaderboard winner. Thanks Baazi for wonderfully conducting the PPL VI. Waiting eagerly for PPL VII”.

Debashis Bal “Alln” on getting 1st place in Event 24: Hangover (1 LAC GTD) (Re-Entry)

“The game was aggressive and in fact amazing. Will continue to play on Pokerbaazi. Prize-pool was crushed and its good to be in the 1st spot.”

Mohit Chawla “guestuser” on getting 2nd place in Event:8 80K GTD (6-Max Turbo R+A) and 3rd place in Event 21: 2 LAC GTD (FreezeOut)

“Thanks for your wishes again. It was a pleasure for me to be a part of PPL6, Team Baazi has put brilliant efforts for the Tournies structures and the software is just amazing now. I wish team Baazi a very successful future ahead”.


We personally reached out to Akshay Nasa and Nishant Sharma and asked them to share their experiences, their advice, and even their secrets with all our Baazigars.

Akshay Nasa - Baazigar of the Series

PB- How are you feeling about the win?

Akshay- I feel pretty elated to be crowned as the Baazigar of the Series in PPL Season VI. It was a tough competition throughout all 5 days from all the Baazigars, especially Avinash, who didn’t play all the tournaments else this was his prize to take away and I would have had no chance of catching up with him. I am excited about the APT trip and looking forward to trying my luck in the live circuit.

PB- Any interesting moment you would like to share?

Akshay- PPL 6 was filled with lots of ups and downs for me. I almost ran deep in the HR event and PLO event, but the most exciting moment for me was when the fight for the title went down to the wire last night in the Main Event where Avinash SPACECADET Tauro and I both finished ITM. After I was knocked out he needed to make the top 15 in that huge field to overtake me. We were on the same table in the other PPL events and were wishing each other bad luck all the time :P. It was quite fun to watch him play till he just got a bad spot and was out. But it was not over until the end as Pawan UKISSMYACE Bansal and Abhishek KETCHUP Kumar both made the FT in that huge field. If any one of them had made it to the top 3, then they would have won the title as they were pretty close in the Leaderboard but incidentally, they just couldn’t win their flips. Big congrats to Nishant NISHANT177 Sharma who took down the title with his impeccable FT play and discipline.

PB- How was the overall PPL experience?

Akshay- PPL was one of the most fun series I have grinded and the new software update is excellent. Structures were awesome, GTDs crushed in every single event and wonderful support. For me personally, Day 3 and Day 4 were devastating as I donked off my chiplead in both the high roller and PLO event. Was chip leading when final two tables were formed and couldn’t even make FT in any of them. Huge congrats to Pradeep LIONROAR Sharma and Vivek ISHOVEONYOU Rughani for shipping those events. But the leaderboard win kind of compensated for it a bit and I hope to improve my endgame and get decent scores next time.

PB- What did you find better this time than the previous PPL held in December?

Akshay- My performance, obviously, lol. On a serious note, this time it was bigger than ever before with all the GTDs being crushed easily and the turnout of players all across the country was amazing and the new software is way better. Kudos to Avneet Rana for the new software update which took the playing experience to a whole new level. Big cheers to Navkiran Singh and Baazi team for organizing such a big event so smoothly and making it a huge success.

PB- Any comments for the Baazigars?

Akshay- Congrats to all the Baazigars who participated and made good scores during PPL. And I am sure team Baazi is planning for more such exciting promotions and poker tournaments for those who missed out this time. It was great fun to play with everyone during the series and I am sorry for any tilt or bad beats that I may have given you at the tables.

Nishant Sharma- Main Event Winner of PokerBaazi Premier League 6

PB- How are you feeling about the win?

Nishant- It's amazing not only because I won, but it also helped me learn a lot of things.

PB- Any interesting moment you would like to share?

Nishant- When 4 tables were left, I had a crazy line up on my table. On my left were Abhishek Rathod, Samay Parikh, Kanishka Samant, Siddharth Singhvi, and one more guy with username ‘ketchup’, who was playing really good. The game endured for more than an hour, but luckily I made it through. It was pure fun!

PB- How was the overall PPL experience?

Nishant- PPL series is amazing as it always has huge GTDs and really really great structure. There were a lot of other things happening too with leaderboard prizes, fantasy team, and the 1lakh LMS freeroll.

PB- What did you find better this time than the previous PPL held in December?

Nishant- I came 5th in the PPL 5 Main Event too. Everything is same except this time it had the biggest ever GTDs in Indian online poker-tournaments and also, the software is very good now with a superb low light black theme.


The last day of the Pokerbaazi Premier League (PPL) V concluded with the fete and stood up to the expectations of ardent poker players. The Main Event of PPL V reaches a prize pool of 29.5 LACs making it the biggest ever online tournament in India ! The first event was for 40K GTD [FO] No Limit Texas Hold’em and the prize pool went up to 45600. ‘Fsociety’ took the top spot for a prize of Rs 10944, ‘Rohitbegwani’ took the second spot for Rs 7752 and ‘Shekharpetro’ took the third spot for Rs 5472. 

The delight was trailed by the next event for 75K GTD and the prize pool was Rs 120500. The player with the username ‘Donkabomber2’ gripped the top position for a prize of Rs 28920, ‘sherkhan88’ took the second spot for Rs 21088 and ‘Mafiamessi’ took the third spot for Rs 15364. The inquisitiveness just got magnificent with each and every move. The next event for 2 Lac GTD created an outstanding prize pool of Rs 292000. ‘Igotu’ took the top spot by winning an amount of Rs 61320, ‘utgwithurmom’ took the second spot for Rs 45260 and ‘saisid’ took the third spot for Rs 34310. 

The competition just got spectacular when the total prize pool coasted to whopping 2950000 for the main event of PPL V 2.5 Million, making it the biggest online tournament in India. ‘Highness’ outranked everyone with the prize amount of Rs 575250, ‘Joecada’ got the second position for a prize of Rs 427750 and ‘Alwaystiltaa’ took the third spot by winning an amount of Rs 317125. 

The next event was for 60K GTD and the total prize for this event was Rs 97200. ‘Striker’ got the top spot by winning an amount of 23328, ‘zlatan’ took the second spot by winning Rs 17010 and ‘Shrey94’ took the third spot by winning Rs 12393. The last event of PPL V for 1 Lac GTD created a prize pool of Rs 158000. It was won by ‘Rehab77’ with an amount of Rs 37920, ‘Slecker’ took the second position with an amount of Rs 26860 and ‘Akshayp’ took the third position for Rs 18960. 

Ready to take your excitement to the next level? The success of PPL Season V calls for a big party! PokerBaazi.com presents PPL After Party from 19th December - 28th December 2016. You will have 5 VIP points packages to choose from. All you have to do is play your favorite cash games & win massive VIP rewards.

The winners of PokerBaazi Premier League Season V Fantasy League are- Paawan Bansal - AceKissers, Rohit Begwani- BubbluDubblu, and Avinash Kumar- Gunner Daddy's. The PokerBaazi Team Pro Paawan Bansal - 'ukissmyace' won the Baazigar Of The Series crown.

Stay tuned for all the latest updates of Pokerbaazi. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels. 

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