Feb 21, 2018

Poker is a dramatic game and can take an emotional toll on anyone. It involves high stakes, patience and a lot of tension. Pros bet millions on a table and sit back silent yet anxious to win back the sumptuous pot. Poker is not a healthy game for an edgy player and so is for anyone who is prone to Tilt. Tilt is a poker term used when a player plays poorly due to stress, tension, alcoholic habits or any other bad beats. Basically, tilt take place when you let these factors affect your gameplay. An evil thing for sure! Causes of tilt may include bad cards, opponent table behavior and personal reasons like poor relationship and financial crisis. Here are some awesome tips to avoid tilt in a poker.

Accept the truth- It is vital that you control your game and not let the game control you. Bad beats can happen to anyone and it is just unavoidable. You did your best and you will give your best the next time. Make notes, go through the basics again and review your game, it will help you in the long run. 

Quit the game for a while- This is one of the most fruitful solutions so far. Whenever you sense that you are on a tilt, you should get up and take a walk outside or refresh yourself with a cup of coffee. However, never talk about your bad beats with anyone when you are on break. This can perhaps increase your tilt.

Poker variance- Make sure that you make the most of your profits with your winning hands and curtail your losses during your losing hands. The ups and downs of poker are often collectively known as variance. This is one of the most important things to evaluate when playing in order to avoid tilt.            

Change the table- You have lost 3 times in a row, you are probably on a tilt by now. Your table image is declining, which might be strengthening your tilt. Taking a break and coming back to the same table won't be a good idea. Instead, you can take a break and change the table when you join again.

It is better to leave the table than to sit and drain your bankroll. So, your first goal should be to refocus yourself so that you do not let negative emotions control you.

Emotional control is one of the most important parts of play online poker games that no one talks about. It can make a big difference in winning and losing a lot of money. Poker is a fusion of joy, distress, exhilaration and can take a serious toll on you if not controlled mentally. We have tons of examples where a poker player won a tournament after being down to almost no chips. When you are angry, the part of the brain that responds is the one dealing with dispositions. It reacts quickly without much thinking involved, which can lead to some grave damage. 

You Still Have Chips- In almost every tournament, you may suck out on numerous times, but you don’t have to lose your mind as there are still chips in front of you.

Make Notes- One good trait that you can add in your abilities is to prepare notes of steps you want to take and the goals you want to achieve throughout a poker tournament. This will indeed help you in the long run and keep you more assertive.

Take a Break- It is better to leave a table for a few minutes every time you lose a hand that makes you angry. Take a walk for 20 minutes to calm down and put everything in perspective. There is no point of tilting off money gratuitously. You can read here how to avoid tilt in poker?.

Be a Good Opponent- Don’t blame your opponents for the bad beats, you will indeed end up making fun of yourself. Instead, shake hands and say nice move, don’t make enemies at the poker table as nothing good can come out of it.

Finding Your Interest- You might have seen many poker players wearing headphones and listening music all time. It may be because music is something that keeps them collective, cool and calm. Similarly, you will have to find something that calms you down. It could be talking to your girlfriend or playing candy crush or your favorite sandwich.

Watch Your Diet- It is really important to keep your brain nourished while playing to be comfortable and spirited. Tournaments take a lot of time and can be stomached for hours, so it is better to avoid oily food or any heavy food that can make you drowsy. Opt for grilled chicken or juices along with fruits and power bars.

Controlling your emotions can be tough, especially if it include large amounts of money. But you should know that making bad decisions can be more disastrous than being dealt a bad beat, so these are the types of situations that you can avoid by controlling your anger. Remember, it’s a game and you cannot always win, even with good cards.

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