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Team India Puts Up A Great Show at WSOP (2019)!

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Team India, Letting the World Know They Are Here For the Deepest Runs!

WSOP 2019 is witnessing Indian pros moving mountains on the poker felts. Our countrymen are seen having deep runs in the major events such as the BIG50, Millionaire Maker, and The Marathon.

Here is a recap covering the achievements of Team India between June 12 and June 18:

Event#28 ($1K NLHE – Day 2)

June 12

A total of 264 players returned to compete on Day 2 with six of them from the Indian team. All six of them made it to the money with seasoned pro Aditya Sushant having the deepest run among them. He secured the 13th position for a paycheque of $17,409 (~₹12.09 Lakhs).

The rest of them who posted scores were, Paawan Bansal (64th for $4,283 -₹2.97 Lakhs), Yudhishter Jaswal (99th for $2,738 -₹1.90 Lakhs), Muskan Sethi (180th for $2,144 -₹1.48 Lakhs),  Nipun Java (275th for $1,753 -₹1.21 Lakhs)and Ashish Ahuja (309th for $1,612 ~₹1.11 Lakhs). This announced the end of this event for Indian pros.

Event #26 (The Marathon $2,620 NLHE)

June 12

Abhinav Iyer is proving to be the most consistent player from the Indian cadre. After making it to the money in two major events namely, The BIG50 and the Millionaire Maker, he was the only one from our team to make it to Day 3 of the event. Amidst a field of 188 players, Iyer secured 75th place for $5,444 (~₹3.78 Lakhs).

Event #30 ($1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha)

June 12

The event opened with a full-blown field of 1,527 players. Indian pro and PLO specialist, Pranay Kapoor was seen chasing the PLO bracelet. He survived Day 1 with a healthy stack of 127,000.

Seasoned pro and owner of two WSOP bracelets, Nipun Java also made it to Day 2 with a stack of 69,500.

June 13

Day 2 witnessed only one from the Indian duo surviving in the money. It was Pranay Kapoor who secured the 95th position for a payday of $2,077 (~₹1.44 Lakhs). Sadly, Java went to the rails empty-handed.

Event #31 (No-Limit Hold ‘em 6- Handed)

June 12

The field consisted of 754 players among them were two Indians who booked their slot for Day 2 namely, Aditya Agarwal (90,500) and Yasheel Doddanavar (103,500).

June 13

Day 2 resumed with 140 players in the field with only two Indians competing. While Aditya Agarwal busted out of the money, Doddanavar survived with a massive 685,000 in chips.

June 14

On Day 3, Doddanavar’s dream of winning the coveted bracelet shattered as he finished securing the 16th position for $18,325 (~₹12.82 Lakhs).

Event #19: Millionaire Maker ($1,500 No-Limit Hold ‘em)

June 12

After a five-day run, this major event saw its conclusion with John Gorsuch taking down the title for a payday of $1,344,930 and his first WSOP bracelet.

14 players had entered this event but only nine of them finished in the money. Among those nine only Ashish Ahuja (133rd for $8,893 -₹6.17 Lakhs) and Abhinav Iyer (274th for $6,657 -₹4.61 Lakhs) managed to be on the felts until Day 3.

Event #25 ($600 PLO Deepstack)

June 12

The last day (Day 3) saw the action on the felts created by 12 players. It was Andrew Donabedian who won his first WSOP gold bracelet with a winning prize of $205,605.

There were two Indians in the money namely, Abhishek Goindi (52nd for $3,606 -₹2.50 Lakhs) and Deepak Bothra (83rd for $1,856 -₹1.29 Lakhs).

Event #32 (Seniors No-Limit Hold ‘em)

June 13

Permitting players aged 50+, the event opened with a huge player field of 5,917 players. It was USA’s Dominick Scarola who was in the chip lead with a stack of 990,300 chips to enter Day 2.

We also had our countryman, Sanjay Taneja on the felts however, he could not make it to the money.

Event #34 ($1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em)

June 14

2,944 players started off on Day 1A with only 1,096 of them proceeding to Day 2. Among these were five Indians, Vinod Megalmani (304,300), Dhaval Mudgal (171,100), Raghav Bansal (149,300), Paawan Bansal (68,000), and Ashish Ahuja (50,700).

June 15

Day 1B kicked off with 3,201 players, out of which 1,229 players made it to Day 2. Among these were 13 surviving Indians with Yashaveel Doddanaver in the lead with 415,000 chips. He was later joined by other Indian pros on Day 2 such as Deepak Bothra (261,200), Aditya Sushant (146,100), Yudhishter Jaswal (142,800), Nishant Sharma (97,200), Kunal Patni (96,900), Madhav Gupta (95,100), Gokul Parvathaneni (69,400), Sharavan Chhabria (67,300), Sriharsha Doddapaneni (62,100), Sajal Gupta (51,000), Nipun Java (50,100), Kartik Ved (29,100).

June 16

After a gruelling gaming session on Day 2, there were 4 survivors from the Indian contingent were, Yasheel Doddanavar (1,412,000), Ashish Abuja (1,181,000), Aditya Sushant (846,000) and Vinod Megalmani (668,000).

10 Indian players were eliminated, out of which four posted scores namely, Madhav Gupta (716th for $1,690 – ₹1.18 Lakhs), Dhaval Mudgal (723rdf or $1,690 – ₹1.18 Lakhs), Gokul Parvathaneni (890th for $1,499 – ₹1.04 Lakhs), and Kartik Ved (907th for $1,499 – ₹1.04 Lakhs).

June 17

After Day 3 ended, only Ashish Ahuja made it to Day 4 with a stack of 6,725,000 chips, placed at 14th position in a field of 40 players.

The others from Team India who managed to finish ITM were, Yasheel Doddanavar (68th for $8,685 – ₹6.06 Lakhs), Aditya Sushant (136th for $4,501 – ₹3.14 Lakhs) and Vinod Megalmani (139th for $4,501 – ₹3.14 Lakhs).

June 18

The last representative of the Indian team, Ashish Ahuja saw his dreams of winning the desired WSOP bracelet go in the drain. He secured 14th place as he walked home with the prize money worth $37,421 (~₹26.06 Lakhs).

Wynn Summer Classic $1,100 NLH $1.5M Guarantee (Non-Bracelet Event)

Indian pro Kartik Ved was among the final 18 players who survived from the initial field of 2,472 players.

Event #37 ($800 No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack)

June 16

A total of 671 players survived the Day 1 session. A majority of the players who busted out of Event #34 ($1,000 Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em) joined this event. Among them, the most famous were Nishant Sharma (292,000), Kunal Patni (241,500), Gokul Parvathaneni (102,500) and Paawan Bansal (93,000).

There were also two other Indians in the surviving batch namely, Tarun Goyal (140,500) and Rajat Jain (77,000).

June 17

Day 2 saw three Indians finishing in the money, Kunal Patni (165th for $1,778 -₹1.23 Lakhs) Gokul Parvathaneni (304th for $1,422 -₹ 98,985) and Nishant Sharma (349th for $1,292 -₹89,936). The others who busted out of the money were Paawan Bansal, Tarun Goyal, and Rajat Jain.

June 18

The event concluded with three of our countrymen finishing in the money namely, Kunal Patni (165th for $1,778-₹1.23 Lakhs), Nishant Sharma (349th for $1,292-₹89,936, and Gokul Parvathaneni (304th for $1,422 -₹98,985).

Event #40 ($1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha)

June 17

This event attracted 1,216 players and after a tough 12-hour-long session, only 200 of them made it to Day 2. Among them were three Indians with seasoned pro Sajal Gupta (512,500) in the lead. The other two were Aditya Sushant (159,000) and Nipun Java (42,500).

June 18

Day 2 witnessed Gupta and Sushant leaving the felts securing 77th place for $3,340 (~₹2.32 Lakhs) and $2,357 (~₹1.64 Lakhs) respectively.

Event #42 ($600 Mixed NL Hold’em/PL Omaha Deepstack)

Day 1 attracted 2,403 players which by the end of the day whittled down to 191. Among these survivors were four Indians namely, Raghav Bansal (723,000), Kartik Ved (462,000) & Ashish Ahuja(458,000), and Yudhishter Jaswal (302,000).

There were some major deep runs registered by our skilled Indian team at the WSOP. We hope this continues.

Team PokerBaazi wishes our stars good luck!

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