Mar 31, 2020

Why is Thailand the most preferred destination for online poker players?

The most admiring factor of playing poker online is that you are not required to stay at one place. You can stay wherever you want and can still win real money online for a real living. It is becoming a trend these days for poker players to relocating to different places across the world and Thailand has been the most desired choice for them. It is cheap, the climate is amazing and the food is simply remarkable.

Easy find

Playing poker game online in Thailand is really easy as the authorities do not care much what you are doing on the internet. Although, you might want to know that gambling is illegal in Thailand but playing online poker has never been uptight by anyone. During this internet era, most of the people are living their lives through the internet and you do not have to announce people that you play poker for a living. You won’t face any issues connecting to online poker rooms or connecting to best poker sites. All you might be needed to change your address at every poker site you play.


The climate of Thailand might not impress you at first but it is surely one factor which is keeping all online poker players hooked to Thailand. Lush landscapes, natural air-con and cool and dry season are some of the highlights of its weather. From July to October, there are intense bursts of short rains which can make your life bit slow else the climate is perfectly fine to stay.

Fabulous food

Thai food is popular already and has earned many loyal followers from across the globe. The food here is not just excellent but it is cheap as well. You can have your famous Thai meal while enjoying the kite surfers. You do not have to go to Thailand to experience Thai food but it is undoubtedly an excuse you will hear from online poker players.

Everything is cheap

Chiang Mai is the most preferred destination for online poker players as Bangkok and Phuket are considerably costlier. Prices may vary as per the location and the proximity it has from the beach and the season of course. You do not have to live near the beach if you are planning to live there for a while and can save a hell lot of money living in outskirts. You can make money in your own currency with the help of Geo-arbitrage.

A perfect place to spend money

Why earn money if you cannot spend it splendidly? Thailand attracts more than 30 million visitors every year. Food, clothes, electricity, calls, internet pack and you name it, it is way cheaper than you will expect. Experience some of the amazing beaches of the world here. People are hospitable and good in English, so you won’t face many issues in language. Have no doubt why it is known as “The land of smiles”.

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