May 27, 2019

The Importance of Discipline in Poker Game

Poker entails a basic understanding of three important things- Mathematics, Psychology, and Discipline. Self-control is the key to getting success in your long poker career and this is the one common thing in many successful poker players. Patience or discipline is as important as the cards you play in poker. It is crucial for both online and live casino games. You should be able to release hands that are likely beaten or don’t stand a chance to improve.

You lack discipline if-

  • You think you are better than you really are
  • You are not taking your game seriously enough
  • You are not concentrating on your opponents
  • You are playing drunk
  • You are not having adequate bankroll

Test yourself

Let’s say you have a set, the board contains three cards of the same suit and a very aggressive opponent who is clearly showing that he has the flush. It needs a lot of mental and emotional strength to fold this hand. It is really important to test yourself by laying down a big hand when you instinctively know you that are behind.

Know your essentials

You will rarely hope to be lucky if you know your skills, know the odds and know the rules. A disciplined player would leave the game and wouldn’t rely on hope if the odds are not in his/her favor. He will be well aware what cards should be held and what should be folded.

Stay away from tilt

Tilt is generally associated with the loss of a big pot or a bad beat. If you notice any signs of tilt, it is better to take a walk for 10-15 minutes. Many players make the mistake of playing the game when on tilt and end up losing lots of money. You should prepare yourself that anything can happen in poker and you can suffer bad beats or bad plays just like any other player. Take a break to calm down and evaluate your play.

Study regularly

Read books based on poker strategies to clear your basics and to get greater insights. There are so many blogs and forums for poker players which are ideal for both beginners and pros. They are free and a great source for current updates. You can also read free e-books on poker to get started.

Some players are so edgy about recovering their losses after a bad beat that they play irrespective of what cards they are dealt. If you are playing too many hands because of boredom and impatience, you are not intensifying your profits but just risking your money. Having discipline and patience will let you control the game, instead of letting the game control you.

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