Mar 31, 2020

The Statue of Unity Vs A Career in Poker

What All It Takes To Create Statue of Unity And A Career In Poker

With the advent of social media, every hot topic goes stale sooner than it could have a few years back. We all have read about the facts about the world’s tallest statue, the Statue of Unity, a representation of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. However, the only thing which was not acknowledged by the masses is the toil of the makers of this statue and what all it took to create such a massive figure.

Creating such a stupendous statue is not only about being right about the ratio of brick and mortar but much more than that. Here is a quick look at what it takes to create a gigantic figure and juxtaposing it with creating a career in poker.  

Hard work: Neither Rome was built in a day nor did the Statue of Unity. It takes huge amounts of dedication and patience to carry forward such a responsibility and has a desirable result. Such is the case with poker, to develop skills like a professional, it requires hard work and dedication from the player. It is a fact every acclaimed poker player would vouch for.

Determination: Around 3,000 workers’ and 250 engineers’ never say never attitude was responsible for a creation that the world now looks up to. Standing tall at 182 meters, the Statue of Unity has surpassed many statues in the world such as USA’s Statue of Liberty (93 meters), Japan’s Ushiku Daibutsu (120 meters) and even China’s Spring Temple Buddha (153 meters). Therefore, it is a symbol and representation of the determination with which the workers and even poker players work with.

Forward Planning: According to some sources, the managing committee which took this responsibility of creating an infallible plan which could withstand the sands of time. It took them around 15 months to complete the planning part of the project, keeping in mind all the obstacles and the weather conditions. A poker player usually inhibits futuristic thinking and hence opts for efficient bankroll management so that nothing could hinder his/her progress.    

Self-confidence: History has seen many famous landmarks’ construction being opposed by the people of the place. The famous Eiffel Tower’s construction was opposed by the people of Paris, they believed that it would be a mere heap of iron. However, through the course of time, we all know the amount of admiration it receives and the same happened with the Statue of Unity. On another note, in India, many players are discouraged to pursue a professional career but they tend to count on their self-confidence and excel eventually.

To conclude, the Statue of Unity is indeed a symbol of the labour and efforts of the people who turned this project into reality, this is similar to what a poker player exhibits on the felts. The goal oriented nature, focus, and strategic thinking are the ingredients to have a successful poker career or in fact for creating such a gigantic statue.

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