Mar 31, 2020

How to Avoid Tilt in Poker?

The emotional aspect is as important as technical aspect while playing poker. Tilt is an expression which is used in the poker game and can be referred to a situation where a player is annoyed or frustrated while playing the game. The reason for tilt in poker can be many including interior and exterior factors. External factors may include relationship issues or financial crisis. Internal factors may include bad beats, opponent’s table behaviour and cold cards.

Declutter your thoughts

You must remove all kinds of worries you have before you start playing poker and this is one the most important thing to remember in poker. You cannot win poker with personal worries in your head as you need to be very alert while playing the game. Resolve your issues first and sit for the game only when you are ready.

Bad beats

It is considered as one of the primary reasons for the tilt. The foremost thing to remember in such case that bad beats happen to everyone and players can be lucky. The apt thing to prevent tilting in bad beats would be to pacing away from the table for a while.

Stay away from exhaustion

Work hard leads to success but this is not essentially a case in poker. You do not need to perform hard work but you would rather perform well with smart work. Don’t let yourself go to the level of overtiredness as you might start feeling irritated, frantic and exasperated.

Review your hand

Get into a habit of reviewing the hand and consider all important factors while making important decisions such as stack sizes, pot odds, pot sizes, betting patterns and playing styles. This is certainly the best way to avoid tilt by playing with strategy in poker and you will be bound to think this way even under pressure.

Earlier and lesser

You can try playing poker during the earlier time of the day to avoid tilt as your brain works at its peak at this time. You might face fatigue if you play for a long time which is one of the causes of tilt. Take regular breaks.

Walk away

If you feel that none of the above points are working to avoid tilt, now is the time to quit. You can just turn off the computer. Take a long walk and come back once the tilt is over. Make sure the game is meant to control all the peripheral factors and let the tilt not control your game.


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