Mar 31, 2020

Tips For Poker Players

Tips For Poker Players-

People have varied opinions about how to play most strategically when you are competing opponents at the felt. But ironically strategies are not very well defined in the game of poker. An individual needs to use his presence of mind and act accordingly. But yes, there are few tips that work as life-saver at the felt. Though they sound very basic and insignificant, they support your strategies at the felt, ensuring that you sweep the pot at the end. All these tips that I am going to give you today are directly from the horse’s mouth. The top-notch poker players religiously abide by these and the results are before you through the live coverage of any on-going poker tournament. Following are the tips that you should embed in your mind for the rest of your poker career:

1)      Avoid using alcohol or marijuana: Alcohol is very harmful while you are at your game. Alcohol consists of chemicals that tamper with your mental stability temporarily and take your senses away. Few people become too relaxed after drinking while others take up a lot of stress, both of which can affect your game in two different ways. Though some people claim that smoking up cannabis increases concentration manifold and gives clarity to your thoughts, but for most of the people it can work other way. So, if you are not into cannabis very much or are unsure about your physical repercussions after the intake of cannabis, avoid it to be on a safer side. Remember, fresh mind is hundred times better than an unsure, intoxicated and calm mind.

2)      Do not be impulsive: sometimes, your gut feelings work wonders for your but most of the time, it’s your excitement that influences you under the garb of instincts. So, gauge well before you take a decision. Remember, it is no shame to avoid raise or re-raise and simply check and call at the felt. Realise that, the check and call act is a mandatory part of the game. Aggressive and impulsive players only lose a lot of money because such players get easily identified at the felt and opponents take advantage of the situation.

3)      You mind should remain icy-cold at all times: Anger is Satan and ungodly. Any work gets totally ruined when anger grips over the doer. So keep your calm even if you find yourself low on stacks or very close to elimination. Take a break if you need to, get some fresh air, get clarity on your strategies, introspect your game and come back like a boss to win back all that you have lost. In case of the other way round, you will end up making yourself angrier because all this will lead to complete loss of money and as a result self confidence.

4)      Eat carefully: people have different eating habits and all those who survive on junk mostly might not agree but they do feel a kind of restlessness after every heavy meal because the oil and fried doesn’t really digest fast. So, learn to eat healthy and light food that doesn’t require extra energy for digestion and keeps you full for longer periods. Remember, productivity decreases manifold when you are hungry.

5)      Sleep well: it is very important that you sleep well right before you participate in any game. But sleeping well doesn’t mean over-sleeping because the latter usually keeps you drowsy throughout. Sleep for adequate hours to freshen up your mind and give your best performance at the felt.

These are the 5 tips that are followed by the majority of the successful poker players of the world. Develop these habits and see yourself climbing up the ladder of success in no time.

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