Mar 31, 2020

Top Annoying Poker Player Habits- Which Ones Are You Guilty Of? 

We’ve all come across someone who annoys us every single second while playing poker, haven’t we? So, today we bring you some of the most annoying habits at the poker table. Regardless of how small these habits may seem, these can be nerve-wracking for some. Are you guilty of any of these habits? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to stop: 

•    People who put on headphones on the table, and are thus unable to follow the action

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in listening to some music to avoid the distraction when you are at the table. However, bear in mind that it should not bother the flow of the game, nor should it disturb the other players at the table. Oh, and make sure that the game does not stall for you – either plug in your headphones only in one ear or keep the decibels down so that you clearly follow the game.

•    Beginners, who have absolutely no idea 

Aren’t these the most irritating lot of all? Sure, most of us enjoy having an amateur at the table. However, if only they could understand the structure of the game and grab it early on. Oh, and isn’t it so very annoying when they have to be told that it is their turn to play?

•    People who act like dealers

For heaven’s sake, it is the dealer’s job to take rake, bring in the bets and split the pots. Why in the world do such people want to do the dealer’s job, right? A dealer follows a very specific procedure to do all the things that he does, and no, he does not appreciate your help. AT ALL!

•    People who intervene even when they are not involved in the hand

Whenever some player at the table asks another for their count, let the person who the question was directed to, answer. Please understand that a lot of times, it is not the quantity of the chips, but the way the person answers is what the other player is looking for. Just do not meddle.

•    Players with terrible personal hygiene

Sure, it is not very uncommon for the play to last say, 18 hours instead of 8. But for the good of humanity, please get up, wash your hands, your face and pop a mint every 4 hours at least. And don’t forget to wash your hands after you eat, because all the players at the table have to touch that chip or card that you just made messy while you were eating.

•    Players who tap on the glass

Do all the players at the table a favor, and stop tapping on the glass. It is supremely annoying to have someone make that incessant noise when you want to focus all your attention on the game when suddenly you are distracted by that constant tapping.

•    Overly dramatic players

A little drama in order to hoodwink your fellow players is fine every now and then. But do you really have to put on that huge show every time? Please remember that it is a total waste of everybody’s time as they can clearly see that you are raising with a hand of garbage cards. Just dump your cards, bow out!


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