Mar 31, 2020

Top Reasons Why Poker is Awesome!

Poker is an amazing card game played all over the world. Over the last few centuries, there have been multiple versions of it that have sprung up, but nevertheless it looks like this game is here to stay. We often hear in the mainstream media, or from our parents and supposed ‘well-wishers’ that poker is only meant for people with gambling addictions or for thugs and criminals. This is not the case at all! Try indulging in poker every now and then and you will realize.

Here are a few reasons to remind you that poker is an amazing game to play:

·      You Develop Logical and Analytical Reasoning Skills: poker players are usually able to simplify and rationalize with any decision made in their lives. This is thanks to poker. It is a game of skill and tact, and it is impossible to win without these skills! Imagine having to calculate opportunity cost of using different mediums of transportation. Poker helps you with that, because that is the exact skill you utilize whilst betting on different pots during the game.

·      Poker Helps You become a Better Entrepreneur: Poker can teach you skills that may be difficult to learn in the real world. Understanding your competition, better logical reasoning, hiding your game strategies and seizing opportunities are some of the tricks that you can learn while you play poker. It will help you with your next business, significantly.

·      Money Management: this is also referred as ‘bankroll management’ in the world of poker. If you can manage your money wisely and keep an eye on the stack of chips that you have, your finances in the future will also be held wisely. Poker will teach you never to bully or ragged by your competitors. And this is an important trait to possess. You cannot look at your enemies or friends in the future and look at the risks they take and then follow suit. You have to undertake your own set of challenges.

·      Helps You Accept Defeat Better: in addition to handling situations better in the future, you will be able to accept being beaten by your competitors. Life isn’t as easy as 1,2, 3, where you will always be on the winning side. Poker players lose huge amounts of money, and still manage to return to the game only being stronger than ever before. Poker is a great way of understanding these things.

·      More Flexibility and Freedom: poker allows you to fit many other things in your schedule. You can play poker as and when you like, in the comfort of your own room as well. You will still be able to manage family time, time to be social, your other jobs and errands, etc. You don’t have to sit for long hours.

·      It’s a Really Fun Game to Play: all in all, poker is a really fun game to play and everybody should give it a shot! Don’t be quick to assume things like ‘my parents will kill me’ or ‘I’ll become an addict’. If you are disciplined and can understand a fair balance between work life and poker, you will grow to love this game.


Poker is a good blend of brain and fun. It can even be a great part-time job, especially for college students. So, have your go at it! 


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