Mar 31, 2020

Where to Eat in Macau After Playing Poker?

Traveling to Macau just to win money in a live poker game? Think again. Macau is not just about poker and casinos. The food here is absolutely delicious as well. The city has a plethora of must-try foods, some of which are so good that they’re considered ‘cuisine signatures’. Isn’t it amazing that a place that is home to casinos and is labelled as ‘the Las Vegas of Asia’ also has so many great places to eat? Here is a list of the different cuisines and the variety of places at which they are available:

· Portuguese Food Cravings: Due to Macau being a Portuguese colony, there are a number of Portuguese dishes available all around the city. The best place to try the Portuguese seafood rice is at the Temptations Restaurant, found at Starworld Macau Hotel. This dish is made with lovely soupy rice that is in a stew along with the seafood of your choice. It is absolutely divine and cannot go un-tasted! The Portuguese egg tarts are undoubtedly Macau’s most famous food! It’s like a cake with a sweet egg custard filling and can be tasted at Lord Stow’s or at the Grand Hyatt!

· Take-Out Food: Casa dos Grelhados is a grill house that is famous for its pork lard (grilled in a Portuguese or Filipino style, to offer you the best flavors). The pork has taste and look of thickly cut bacon and is served with warm bread and a spicy home-made chili sauce.

· Serve Those Dessert Cravings: One of Macau’s best desserts is ‘Serradura’. It is served as a chilled pudding in a delicious semi-freddo style or as a simple ice cream. It is also served as a layered dessert made of sweet biscuits combined with cream, condensed milk and vanilla. The best version is found at a snack vendor called Gelatina Mok Yi Kei. Black garlic chocolate is another dessert-like food that should be tried if you’re in Macau. It is often referred to as a super food because of its antioxidant content! So move over feeling guilty after consuming this dessert! At McPherson’s Sweet’s Shoppe, two pieces of delightful dark chocolate are made to sandwich a rich black garlic ganache, or if you want to be more adventurous, there is an option of replacing the ganache with black garlic ice cream!

· Fine Dine Right Here: Treat yourself and your loved ones at a 3-starred Michelin restaurant Robuchon au Dome. The Mashed potatoes found in this restaurant have been stated as their delicacy. It is absurd to think of such a simple dish being named the delicacy of a fine-dining restaurant, but all their customers seem to swear by it because of how delicious it is!

· Dim-Sum Yourself: For all the lovers of Chinese food, do not be disappointed, Macau will treat you very well! Yum Cha is a restaurant dedicated to dim sum. The egg cognee is the best dish on their menu and you should definitely not skip this place in Macau. Other dishes that you can devour at Yum Cha include shrimp rice roll, Siew Mai (pork dumplings), etc. 


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