Mar 31, 2020

Winning Tips For Poker Beginners

For every poker player, playing final table is like a dream. Taking somebody down from a title while making a ton of money is a lot satisfying. However, for many players, this dream remains a dream as many never make it to the final table. It is even more difficult for beginners who lack in experience and skills. But, fret not. Here are some tips that will help you win the game:

1.    Don’t bluff too much

It is a common misconception that poker players bluff a lot. While, over the years, poker players have shown some amazing bluffing skills, but these are not as frequent as you might think. It is not even as essential as people think. As a beginner poker player, it is good practice to try an occasional bluff, but not often. Sometimes, bluffing your opponent can get out of hand and result in a huge loss. So, bluff only when you think you have enough knowledge and practice.

2.    Use a Poker Tracking Program

While it is not compulsory, a Poker Tracking program will help you make better decisions. You should try it at least once and check for yourself if it is worth it. The poker tracking program does convert the raw data from the hands into useful information. It has proven very beneficial in the multi-tabling online poker where with so many opponents and tables it is hard to keep track of every single one of them. This program will locate the bad players for you which will be a huge help.

3.    Don’t play every hand

It is a common mistake of beginners to play too many hands. When you have just started playing poker, you are willing to play more hands and take more risks. Enthusiasm is well appreciated but as a beginner, you should stick to playing only the top 10 to 15 hands. 

4.    Play within your bankroll

Bankroll is the money that poker players set aside to play the game. They do this so that they don’t spend all their money on the game. This game has many natural ups and downs and so you need to have sufficient buy-ins so that you don’t go broke in one session.

5.    Understanding your opponents

This is the most difficult task for the beginners as they lack the ability to judge their opponents. This skill comes only with practice and experience. A great number of players play loosely, so if you know how to play them you can make plenty of money. It is all about observing. It is not easy and can be developed with time. Many pros have mentioned that they use a lot of reverses tells to confuse other players. And surely you don't want to get a reputation of playing like a fish. 


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