Mar 31, 2020

3 Tips to Reduce Your Poker Variance

 Tips to Reduce Your Poker Variance 

Love for poker is not untouched by the uncertainties of variance. Yes, the mighty variance is the prodigy of amazing poker that incites excitement and gives the much loved kick, we all play poker for. This mathematical term defines the truth of poker every player is sure to experience during his gaming career- a streak of winnings coupled with a series of losses. It’s part of the deal, guys! But all you poker aspirants, no need to get disheartened. We’ve shuffled a few tricks to master the trait. So, without much ado, let’s dig in to unravel the mystery of Poker Variance and how to reduce it?

Put Your Best Foot Forward, Always!

That’s the thumb rule. Always concentrate on playing your best game. Nothing beats that. Even the top professionals swear by the fact that poker requires your undivided attention. It’s a game that tests many aspects of your skill, focus being the most important one. Feeling distracted or bored during a game can put you out of form. And you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that LESS wins and MORE loses do not help in reducing your poker variance.

Two golden rules to follow are- Prepare properly before starting your game. Keep yourself in the best of mental and physical state.

During a game, more often than not you will encounter situations that throw you off. It could be lack of concentration, or weariness, or may be frustration of losing one hand after the other. In such situations, think through and then decide if you will be able to sail through. It’s best to start preparing to leave if you feel you are not with the game.

Choose The Right Table

Make a choice, you will not regret. Playing at the tables is just as important as choosing the table. If you are looking to keep your poker variance low, make sure you participate in games having recreational players. A table where every player is good, chances of keeping a steady winning streak becomes less.

It’s certainly not advisable to play against weak players only, as that will never improve your gaming skills. But, there’s also no point entering a zone, where you know the inevitable.

Have your goals set right. When you play with some of the best, focus on learning more than winning. This will help you in the long run.

Select Poker Games Based On Variance

If you are striving to reduce your variance, try to select poker games that create lower variance in comparison to others. For example, Sit and Go has a higher variance than Cash Games. And, Multi-Table Tournaments have higher variance in comparison to Sit and Go.

As you make entry into a game that has low variance, the odds of winning increases.
There certainly is no short-cut to reducing poker variance, but you can incorporate a few strategies and develop the skill with time. After all, Skill Is The Name Of The Game!


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