Mar 29, 2020

4 Easy Tips for Error-Free Start in Online Poker Games

Guide to Texas Hold'em Guide to Texas Hold'em

Are you looking to binge on some ceaseless sessions of card games and maybe earn some real money? Has poker been one of those games that you wanted to ace and experience the glamour that comes with it? It’s alright if you wish to enjoy online poker games but don’t know how to play Texas Hold’em poker. We are here to get you closer to your poker dream and help you win BIG by playing even the worst poker hands with ease.

Assuming you are aware of the basics in online poker games such as poker hands ranking and basic poker sequences, suits and how the betting rounds/streets work, the immediate next thing you will need to act on is forming relevant tactics and tips to build your game.

So, let’s get to know some easy-peasy tips on how to play online poker Texas Hold’em games today.

Poker Hands Check: Texas Hold’em Poker Game Tips

Although it takes minutes to learn how to play a poker game, it takes years to ace as a pro. This is why one needs to start off on the right track to work your way quicker and stay ahead of the crowd.

Don’t forget to observe your opponents

Always notice how other players are making their moves on the felts of every poker game. When learning how to play Texas Hold’em poker, you need to make rough estimations of their chip stack and the changes in their betting style according to their chip stack.

If a player is consistently playing bets that are not more than INR 100 and suddenly bets worth INR 400, you should know that he/she is holding a solid poker hand and not bluffing.

Never let the players see the flop for free

If you believe you have hit a pretty solid poker hand that should be played at least till the flop is rolled out, go ahead and raise big without hesitation. Your confident big raise will automatically chuck out the fishes from the poker hand through quick folds on their end.   

You need to realise that your chances of winning a poker hand depends a lot on your preflop poker game that relies on how you drive your opponents to fold when you hit a strong hand.

Folding after the flop isn’t a sin

When you are learning how to play poker and get better at the game, it’s a common practice to often stick around even after hitting a below average hand and unnecessarily increase the gravity of your defeat.

For example, you are holding a pair of 7 and the board runs with Kh – Jc – 9c and your opponent raises by a minimum bet. Consider this bet as legit and fold to avoid losing out a bigger chunk of your poker bankroll.

Position is an important factor

Position plays a crucial role most times in online poker games. You always have a great advantage when you’re playing in position as you can play more poker hands and watch your opponent’s moves as opposed to playing out of position. So, make good use of this precious information.

Texas Hold’em: How to Play During The Turn and The River?

  • If you’re a card short to hit a straight or a flush by the turn, try to get to the river with bare minimum expenses.
  • If the table has three cards of the same suit, be ready to flush out the thought of winning that hand against a flush (unless you could hit a full-house or better).
  • If you believe that you have hit the best possible hand after the turn and your opponents are showing willingness to stick around, make it really expensive for them.
  • If the board runs with three consecutive cards, be aware that you might be playing against a straight.
  • Be wary of a full house in a poker game if the community cards include a pair or a three of a kind.

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