Apr 09, 2020

A Quick Read to Up Your Strategy Game on The Felts!

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Know The Subtleties of Poker Strategies!

Looking for newer, easy-to-remember poker strategies? You have clicked on the correct link. These strategies might not teach you to win each time you play but, it could definitely increase your winrate.  

Never try to play every hand, be aggressive!

Playing several hands only for the love you have for the sport is not a sensible move. It simply cuts your chip stack significantly. Instead, try to maintain a tight range with strong or decent holdings, and play them aggressively.

Don’t be the first limper on the table!

Limping in the pre-flop round shows how weak your hands are. The reasons to avoid limping are you would most probably not win the pot the way you would have if you had raised . The next reason is that the other players will be tempted to play for better pot odds, making it less likely for you to win.

Fold, whenever necessary!

A smart, experienced player will always bow down and fold if he/she thinks they have poor hands. Although, it is human nature to always try and win at anything but in poker, things do not work in that manner.

PB Tip: When you decide to fold, write down the details of the holdings to better assess your decision after the session gets over.

Attack, when you smell weakness!

According to many observations, players never check when they can call multiple bets. Therefore, if they do check, they might have weak holdings. This is the moment when you can play aggressively and take them down.

Always play in good games!

Every player aspires to win and increase their bankroll. If you want to win, you need to look for tables which have weaker players in your comparison.

While you can take advantage of the mistakes committed by the weaker players, it is advisable to play with the biggies as well. You may ask why? We believe playing with the best of all will give you opportunities to learn about newer strategies and tricks.

Hope to see your strategy game on point at the PokerBaazi felts. We wish you all the best!


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