Nov 18, 2018

Bluffing Tips- Dos and Don’ts

Bluffing is one of the essential skills that are to be learned in online poker games. The thrill that the game holds can be attributed to a great level to a single element – bluff. The art of bluff can make you good money and at the same time bring you to the losing edge.

You learn it along while playing the game for a considerable amount of time. Bluffing in online poker is somewhat difficult as compared to bluffing at real tables. You will learn the art of bluffing automatically once you spend enough time on a poker site.

In poker games to maintain a stable win rate, you have to be able to bluff in certain spots or have the skill to make your opponent make big lay-downs. If you can do this with a high level of proficiency, you will be one of the top poker players.

In live poker games or online poker games, you have the option to show the table your hand after you rake in the pot. It is suggested that you should never show your hand, and importantly never show your hand if you feel the table is as good as you or better than you.

If you show your hand to a skilled table, the players will have some awareness into how your mind is operating on a given day, and likewise, then the table will have hand range to put you on. Giving away some small information such as betting out with top pair, and showing an “AK” can harm your chances in the future.

If you decide to show your hand after you make a hand like top pair and top kicker, you are telling the table that you are very tight, but also that you don’t want to be messed with. Given this information, now every player in return will mess with you in subsequent hands. When you tell a poker player you have it all the time, most players become stubborn enough to attack you constantly. It can have ups and downs depending on if you are careful or not, but showing your cards is definitely not the best solution.

If you sit in a poker game where you see loose aggressive players, and not just one or two, but an entire table of wildly aggressive players, this is the time to show one bluff. The reason to show a bluff at a table like this is that once you start making big hands you will now instantly get paid off. There are no ifs or buts about it. This is the only time where it is acceptable to show a bluff, and it is also one time where you can accumulate heaps of chips in front of you in a matter of minutes.

The best time to not show bluffs is all the time. There is no reason to let a decent player have free information. If someone doesn’t pay to see your hand then they should not see your hand.

So, poker folks before you intend to bluff do remember these pointers that will help you grind smooth until the end.

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