Mar 31, 2020

Beginner's Guide To Online Poker

Poker no longer remains to be a card game played in the Indian households only during Diwali to welcome the Indian Goddess of Wealth. Indian's, with the passage of time, have fallen in love with poker and many of them have taken it up as a full-time profession. Now, since India can't boast of the ample number of casinos or poker rooms, online poker is the solution to the problem. Online poker has become very popular for multiple reasons- you can be at your own comfort-zone as you play, you can play during any time of the day, and going by the Indian taboo, you can also keep your identity unknown if you wish to. Thus, no wonder, online poker has taken the poker community by storm. But, those people who are not well acquainted with online poker yet, here is a beginner's guide for you:
1) Get your concept cleared about online poker:
Before you indulge in online poker, you will have to know what its fervour. Online poker is same real poker in its basics but there lie some minor differences which give it a different identity. You will also have to do away with your myths regarding the same, to perform better at the virtual felt. Myths like the virtual felt are rigged, there are problems with cash transaction etc. should be done away with, totally.
2) Research about the online poker websites:
One should be very careful before investing money online. Just like every field, one can't disagree that there doesn't exist fraud online poker websites. But that doesn't mean that the whole system is rigged.Thus invest enough time in researching about different websites and then select the one that's best for you. Websites like PokerBaazi is licensed and safe.
3) Website loyalty:
If poker is not just a recreational game for you, staying loyal to one website benefits you in many ways. You tend to understand the playing pattern on the particular website. This consolidates your profit making, plus, getting a ticket to the biggest tournament and series on the website becomes much easier. e.g- During "The MoneyMaker", PokerBaazi rolls out innumerable satellites which can help you secure a ticket for as less as INR 20. Thus, if you are a Baazigar, you'd have more access to all these opportunities. Also, most of the well-established poker websites have their team pros who are selected on their game and consistency. That's another feather to your cap if you manage to become one.
4) Choose your cup of tea:
Online poker can fetch you a lot of money because they have a variety to offer. Thus you also have to be very sure when you join the table for a particular game. You have to understand which game is properly under your grip- whether its Texas Hold'em PokerPot limit Omaha etc. Otherwise, you have chances to lose a lot of money. Also, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't experiment. But try and do that when lesser investment is involved. Smart poker players lose less and earn more.
5) Prep yourself well:
Online poker can be a bit tricky because unlike real poker, you can't have your opponents physically present before you. Thus, you can't make judgements on the basis of body language, expressions etc. Thus, it's best that you first get accustomed to the online poker style and then invest money. Online poker websites roll out numerous free-roll tournaments which don't require any investment. You can enrol in those, get accustomed to the online way of gaming and then invest when you are more certain about winning than losing.

Online poker is not to be feared. It can fetch you with enormous profits at you own disposal and comfort. You just need to be well versed with its gaming pattern and style. Wait no more! take home the best that you can!

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