Apr 09, 2020

Calling on the River – What’s the Bottom line?

Betting escalates with each betting round and expectedly or startlingly, you could possibly undergo a situation where you could be facing a very large bet. You might have hit a really great flop for your hands, but things are pretty sour on the turn and river. In many common scenarios, poker players even pros will call that big bet on the river, even when they know that they’re beaten. The river is the most important locale of any game and this is where you can win a lot of money or can lose a lot of money. It is indeed really stressful as there is no impending hope for you and you know where you stand. It is your capability to make a right decision, which can take you a long way. There is no acknowledged formula to know if calling on the river is right or wrong. Here are some tips you can remember to make a right decision.

Don’t get wrong

Don’t misconstrue that bogus disposition when there is a big bet coming from your opponent as a bluff. Many players make such a big bet move so that it is read as a bluff in order to expect a big call and win a huge pot.

Know how to deal

Poker is a game of strategy and you should always have an idea of what you are going to do on the river if you get that probable card or if your opponent checks, bets small or bets big. You cannot just wait for the situation to stand up and then decide.

Read to lead

If you notice your opponent’s bet is not steady, if he has been checking and suddenly make a big bet, then he might be bluffing or he wants you to think that way. Of course, it depends on how well you have been reading his moves and accordingly require some grave thinking. You can also make notes with the help of online poker software.

Know when to give up

You might need to rethink about the value of your strong hands if your opponent is just checking and calling and suddenly makes a large bet. When you have a strong hand, make your bet large enough that makes your opponent think twice before calling that bet.

If you are not consistently evaluating tendencies of each specific player and not working out on your strategies accordingly, you are indeed going to lose a lot of money there. Remember, a bad fold is much more profitable than a bad call.

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