Feb 29, 2020

Climb Up A Downswing In Poker

If you have ever played poker long enough, you would know how it is to experience a downswing in poker. The scorching question that pops into your mind is “How long is this going to last?” Usually, the common reaction that a poker player comes up with is that they start cursing the poker gods, work on maintaining focus and making a solid decision, reviewing the basics and rededicating himself to study of the game and dipping down in limits.

Overcoming from a downswing can be long and grueling, there are quite a lot of things you can do to decrease the pain and increase the probability of success. When a downswing occurs, there are many ways that one can do to overcome the circumstances and grind back like old days.

Take Some Time Off

When downswing hits, take some time off. You’ll feel better after taking a day or two away from the game. Relax & calm your mind and come back to the game freshly. Nobody plays their best when they're tilting, so it is advisable to take some days off your game play.

Take a Look at Your Game

The downswings are inevitable. It is important that a player should identify if something is inappropriate in his game and then need to fix it. Players generally come with this misconception that they are better at their game than they really are, and the middle of a downswing it is a great time to take a look at your game and see if you are playing good enough. Downswings lead to frustration and frustration leads to tilt which states you are on with a bad play. So, its time you take a closer glance at your poker game.


You should focus on making the best possible decision every single time whenever the action is on you and with time you’ll see yourself back to winning plays. Remember, nothing better than a good decision is going to pull you out of a downswing. You can also read books on the mental game to grind better.

Consider what your poker hero would do

Imagine what would the player, you admire most do if they were in the same situation? Considering the perspective of a proficient player will help you overcome the situation. Brainstorm some possible strategies and try them out. The bottom line is that when things are not going your way, it takes mental toughness and effort to find eventual success. Sometimes even small changes can bring big results. And remember, as long as your basics are strong, this, too, shall pass.

Healthy Bankroll

The most common mistake made by poker players is playing beyond their bankroll. Maintenance of a bankroll is the vital criterion one should meet before expecting a successful grind at the poker tables. Downswings will feel like the end of the world if you don’t manage your bankroll prudently.

Handling downswings in a positive manner is the trait of a winning player. Using these frustrating periods as a wakeup call and optimistically dealing with them can be beneficial and help you play smoothly at the poker tables.

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