Feb 29, 2020

Don’t Be A Fish Among The Sharks: Tips To Up Your Online Poker Game!

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Beginners Guide To Online Poker

Are you testing yourself in the waters of professional poker? Are you looking for everything that can help you make your initial phase as a professional player much more profitable and fulfilling? You have clicked on the right link.

Here are a few pointers that will help you as you start off as a professional player:

Try sticking to one single format

If you are starting off as a poker player, always look for formats which support your gameplay. Resist playing 6-max hold’em cash games because that’s where everyone else is. This increases the chances of you losing a lot as these tables are filled with poker pros. You should try and play other variants if you wish to be profitable.

Instead of aiming to be a jack of all, be a master of one. Find your comfort zone and sharpen your skills required for the same format.

Focus on learning how to manage your bankroll efficiently

If your bankroll management skills are underwhelming then it’s time to develop this skill. Without this even, the biggest and skilled poker player can say bye to their career as a professional player.

To put it roughly, players who play cash games and sit-and-go should have at least 25 buy-ins for the games they are paying. Multi-tabling players are expected to spend a maximum 2% of their bankroll on a buy-in of a tournament.

Be vigilant & analyze your own gameplay

Experienced poker players always keep track of their winnings and losses. You can find tracking software to help you analyze your results on the felts.

Eventually, a database is created which can be used to analyze trends in your gameplay.

Try to hire a coach

Professional poker players also coach budding poker players in both India and abroad. Their expertise in the field can help you identify leaks in your own game and also introduce you to newer strategies which have not yet reached the public eye.

The hindrance is the coaching is expensive. However, if you can manage to do so then your progress will surely speed up.

Consume training content

With the poker industry taking a giant shape globally, there is a massive pool of training content available both online and offline. There are websites referred to as “poker training websites” which publish educational content for the players.

Apart from this, there are blog pages like ours that publish regular strategy articles with tips from the pros.

Follow these small but significant steps in the initial stages of your career. We think you’ll be surely shipping those major events with millions promised for the top prize!

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