Apr 06, 2020

Five Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Re-raising

Risks are inevitable when you play poker and whenever you smudge a trick to gauge a situation, it can indeed bring you a lot of fortunes. The primary goal to re-raise pre-flop is to make the opponent fold. It is considered as the biggest tool of aggression and aggressive players tend to win big in the long run if done at the right time for the right reasons. If done in impulse, it can cost you a lot. A player can re-raise having medium or good hands as long as he/she can scale the opponent’s tendency to re-raise, gambling risk and stack size. Here are some tips to re-raise in poker-

How much you know your opponents

The player can easily re-raise with any two weak cards if a player has been playing conventionally with strong hands for a while. You will need to understand the traits of your opponents such as how they fold to a re-raise or how often they re-raise. This tactic works best against loose aggressive players who are willing to let go of the hand when needed.

Importance of position

The aim should be to manipulate players checking to you in the next round. Even if you have weak hands, you should often cap the betting in the last position before the final betting round. Blinds and buttons are some of the best positions to re-raise. Re-raising from the button will give an impression that you have strong hands as many players simply do not risk to re-raise with marginal hands. This situation can also lead to the opponent folding in spite of having a good hand.

When to re-raise

You should re-raise if you have strong hands and tight players are waiting to act and from late positions. Deep stack can also allow a player to re-raise without putting the entire stack pre-flop. If you have sufficient amount of chips in the pot i.e when the stacks are deep then it is certainly profitable to re-raise.

When not to re-raise

You should avoid re-raising if loose players are waiting and you have very strong hands, from early positions (as briefed above) and against bluffer. You can actually make more if you let them bluff.

How much to raise

It is recommended to raise by .3-.6 times rather than choosing to raise 3-4 times the big blind. They are considerably efficacious in fighting the huge loss if an opponent gets surfaced with great hands.

You should remember that you might not be able to win if you re-raise too often and good players can win in most poker games without even re-raising before the final round. The trick is basically to understand the weakness of your opponent and to pick a spot.

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