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Habits To Elude At The Poker Tables

Besides strategies and tricks, we have come up with some habits that can cause harm to a poker player and should strictly be avoided in order to forego hurdles at play. Here is a list of habits to avoid in order to improve your game.

Don’t get ready to fold too soon

Many players get into the habit of lifting up their cards in terms of folding before it is their turn to act. Doing that, early signals that you are weak to players who have not yet acted. So, better to hold your cards for some time till it causes you no loss and then let go of it.

While you do not want to pointlessly delay action, folding cards takes a micro-second which needs no preparation. While that may not matter to you in that particular hand but it could come back to bite you in future hands. Seeing you aren't about to fold, they may figure you are strong and fold themselves, thereby leaving you an advantage.

 Don’t count chips before you bet

Getting ready to put in a bet when you have a good hand by getting the chips ready early is a strict NO. The players should not be doing this at all or any point of play. You should always delay the quick action and wait until it is your turn to act before you count out any chips you're going to use to call or raise a bet.

 Flow of emotions when you hit a strong hand

There is often a sudden and strong release of excitement when you hit strong hands. One common behavior players come up with as a manifestation of that excitement is to start talking. Many players just can't seem to refrain from playful banter when they are feeling good about their chances of winning.

No to excessive drinking of alcohol

Consuming alcohol whittles your ability to think. Habitually drinking is absolutely harmful to your game. But a beer or glass of wine from time to time might be fine, but be sure that drinking too much will restrain your ability to win. So, be careful before getting down to drinking alcohol excessively.

 Playing interactive games at the table

Many players are focused not on the action at the table but on interactive games on their tablet or phone which they play constantly. Poker does get boring when bad or inexperienced players take forever to act. Having an engaging distraction that keeps your head out of the game can only hurt you. You can try a static activity like a crossword puzzle or a book on your tablet or phone that doesn't continue without you when you are attending to the poker game. Any other ongoing game will constantly draw you away from the poker game because you can't resist the urge to continue with the other game's action and that might be offensive to others on the poker table.



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