Feb 29, 2020

How To Defeat A Poker Bully In Their Own Game?

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Take The “Bull” By The Horns!

Even the best poker players have fallen prey to the adversities caused by Poker bullies. While many have gone south due to the bullies’ dominance on the table, there are some players who have developed the skills to outsmart them.

Below Are A Few Pointers Which Can Help You Defeat The Bullies in Their Own Game:

Ace your continuation bet game:  Bullies try to establish their dominance with their strong bets. They find it fulfilling when they win pots pre-flop before the showdown. However, in order to get back to them, never feel discouraged by their confidence even if you have strong but not winning hand such as K-Q or K-J. Try to four-bet in reply to their three-bet. This will help you get ahead in the game, if not, you all head to the flop.

The size of the game is a significant factor: The chances of becoming a victim of Poker bullying gets higher if the table is short-handed or a 6-max. So stand out right from the beginning of the game by strongly playing average hands. You might find yourself getting involved in larger pots than you ever planned to be in, but if you manage to survive then you are here for a long and maybe, a winning haul!

Be a vigilant player on the table: Keep a close eye on all the members of the table and their stack-sizes. Look for the right time, bluff some and oust the bully off the table. This move will act as an announcement that you are not going to give up.

Adjust your range: Bullies love to mindlessly over-bet in order to win the pot pre-flop. It’s always advised to fight back with stronger holdings. Be a thinking, rational player and look for the different combinations of winning hands you could have. They typically look for opportunities to mine your fear, don’t give them the winning trophy so easily. 

A concluding note to our Baazigars: Always remember to be rational in your approach whenever you feel vulnerable.

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