Feb 22, 2020

Learn How to Play on a Short-handed Poker Table

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Short-handed poker tables are those which are 6-max or even less. Carrying your full-ring experience everywhere won’t help you in this case because of several reasons we’ll be discussing about today. To maintain a decent winrate, it’s necessary to adjust your game plan on short-handed poker tables.

Before diving into details, lets acknowledge the fact that it will take time for you to hit your winning streak right away. And some poker tips and tricks might not work in India or on the international level poker games

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Let’s discuss some helpful poker strategies and tips for short-handed games:

  1. Ease up starting-hand selection process (Play more hands)

The smaller the tables, larger the hand ranges you should play in the preflop street. As opposed to full-ring (FR) poker tables, the hand ranges increase significantly in short-handed games so you need to ease off.

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  1. Look for opportunities to bluff

Since the hand ranges increase significantly for everyone at the table, a smart poker player would look for pulling off a good bluff. Trying to extract value only when you hit a great hand will not work when it is a short-handed game.

This is one of the best poker strategy for short-handed games which will eventually make you a tough nut to crack on the tables.

  1. Bankroll Management remains crucial

Short-handed poker tournaments and cash games are high-variance-ridden. So it is wise to tighten your bankroll management poker strategy which you use for full-ring poker.

Plan on how many bullets you’ll take in mid-stakes online poker tournaments or in high-stakes tourneys. It is better to be ready for major swings.

  1. Invest in your psychological health

Your mental health plays a major role in your career as a professional poker player. It reflects on your winrate evidently.

For a poker player who is transitioning from full-ring poker to 6-max or heads-up poker will need the nerves to bear the swings. Although this is equally rewarding, your mental health is an asset you should definitely invest in.

  1. Regulate multi-tabling

Don’t forget that here we’re playing more hands than in full-ring poker. This goes for players who try to play on as many tables as they can – don’t try to do that in short-handed games. It will become a tedious task for you to keep a track of so many hands.

  1. Take notes on your opponents

This is a poker strategy that applies to all online poker tournament and cash game players. Keep an eye on your opponents. Look for the following:

  • Is he/she a regular poker player or a recreational player?
  • When does he/she call too many times?
  • When does he/she fold too many times?

Playing style changes with changing games. Indian poker players’ gameplay is different than players in other countries. So keep altering your poker strategy and keep studying your opponents.

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