May 27, 2019

Measuring success at the poker tables

The scenario of a poker table: Your opponent can play horribly and still win a bundle. You play great and still crash. These situations leave players completely frustrated and peeved.

You can definitely win some huge sum of money at the poker tables if you are good at poker. The play at poker table echoes success only if you have required skills that can get you going throughout. Not to ignore, there are lots of good poker players around, and they do not all win fortunes. It is important that a player never compares his real result to someone else’s fantasy. It will only pull you to disappointments and false hopes.

For numerous players, the play at the poker table is just merely a medium of entertainment and enjoyment. If playing online poker games lifts your mood and exercises your brain, then that alone might state success. Some people also enjoy the game and work towards becoming a better player in the process. They get joy when they win an extra bet or an additional pot using newly learned knowledge. This is because of two reasons, one, their passion towards poker and two, they plan living out of it.

Also, there are few people who like to focus on specific hands & sessions and measure success accordingly for these individual hands/sessions while other people prefer to emphasize more on numbers. Instead of deciding money goals, this lot tries to play a certain number of hands in a month. To them, the success is achieved when they reach their goal. Some online players, when they fail to meet their goal, try to adjust their play so that their overall statistics hit certain targets. The closer they get to their targets, the more they’ve succeeded.

However, if you’re trying to measure your own success, you should consider that certain things are beyond your control. When you play poker, how much money you win is the aspect you control the least. If you miss your monetary goals frequently, you may become restless and anxious which results in vague and inappropriate decisions. When you play much bigger than you tend to make yourself a prey for others. Nevertheless, if you keep your focus on the game and on things that are under your control, you’re more likely to keep your wits and also appreciate the successes you’ve had.

No matter what you choose, though, if you evaluate yourself in a reasonable way, hopefully, you will be able to conclude that all the hours you’ve invested and all the ups and downs you’ve acknowledged playing this peculiar game have been worthy of your time and effort.

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