Apr 02, 2020

New to poker? How to get started.

There is always a first time. Being new to something is not at all unnatural. On the other hand, it's our interest that motivates us to learn something new. But unfortunately, most of the times, we don't know from where to start. Poker is also a big dynasty which has its own mazes. Any new comer might get all hassled during the initial period. So here is a guide for all you new comers. Its a step by step guide, that ensures your hassle-free entry into the poker world. take a look:
1) Know your level of interest:
There are a variety of poker players. Some play for recreation, some play for the temporary adrenaline rush that comes along with it and some play to take it up as a serious alternative profession. Before you plunge into the poker world, you will have to know your type because depending on that, you would have to sketch your poker graph.
2) Know the deck of cards:
If you are new not only to poker but also to the world of cards, you have to know the cards well, first. It doesn't matter whether you are a recreational player or aspire to be a professional, knowing the value of cards and their rankings is very important. If all the cards have the same value in your eyes, it's impossible to take up the next step, i.e. learning the poker rules.
3) Learn the poker rules by heart:
Once you have the cards by heart, the next step is to know the use of the cards in poker. For this, you need to know the basics of poker rules- the number of cards used, the expected combinations, the technique of the actions etc. Now, these are only basics. You will have to work a lot more in practicing these if you wish to make a profit from the game.
4) Get well acquainted with the hand rankings: To get poker under your grip to some extent, you have to have the hand rankings learned by heart. hand rankings predict a lot during the game- the strength of your whole cards, your betting strategy, your decision to act and also the winner at the end. If you are not well versed with those, you won't be able to incorporate the poker strategies into your game to turn the tables around.
5) Learn a few poker strategies: Poker strategies are not well defined and aren't a part of any guidebook. Each player uses a different strategy to turn the table in his favor. If you follow a number of live poker games, you'd come to know that the poker pros come up with different strategies each day, making the game even more spectacular. But there are a few basic strategies that are evergreen. Strategies like bluffing, gauging the strength of the hand, balancing aggressive and passive playing, etc. are contemporary to all gamers. Master these strategies so that you can develop your own strategies later on.
These are the 5 inevitable steps that you need to follow as you enter the poker world. Rest, all you need is practice and patience to become a poker pro. Obviously, your extent of practice decides your expertise! So keep practicing and happy poker! 
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