Feb 22, 2020

OFC 101: OFC Strategies to Keep in Mind

OFC 101 OFC 101 PokerBaazi.com

Open-face Chinese poker is becoming the star of new-age poker internationally and the Indian industry is not far behind. Also known as pineapple open-face Chinese poker, this new poker variant is slowly becoming a subject of attention because of the thrill-infused format it follows.

Come join the latest rage of the Indian online poker industry by starting off with a few tips and tricks to play OFC poker:

  • Significance of the first five cards

According to many poker pros, it is best to first focus on setting your first five cards that increases the value of your hand. Getting worked up for fouling should be a secondary reason for worrying.

  • Difference between fouling and scooping

In order to succeed at an open-face Chinese poker table, it is necessary for you to know the difference between fouling and scooping.

While you lose all your royalty points when you foul, you still score points when you scooped.

  • Playing AK isn’t that difficult in OFC

Although there are several ways to play AK in no-limit hold’em, there’s pretty a set way to play AK in standard OFC poker.

Example: Ac, Ks, 8h, 7c, 5c

The Best to Play this Hand is:



8h, 7c, 6c 

While, the king in the top row open a chance of fantasy land, the any 4, 5 or 9 would offer high chances of good draws. The ace is a pretty decent card to set in the middle. Although there are chances of fouling but if the next 8 cards fall out on the right spots, you’re definitely ahead in the game. We think, it’s worth taking risk!

  • Don’t give up already with bad cards

In OFC, you don’t have an option to drop so it’s better not to give up seeing bad cards. This is where crisis management needs to be applied. We think, it’s always better to at least lessen the gravity of losing points.

  • Look for the correct operator

Yes, it’s always better to choose the best online poker promotions out there offered by different operators.

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