Apr 09, 2020

Poker Up-Close With Ankit Jajodia


Presenting The Success Story of Ankit Jajodia

There are winners, and then there are winners who keep their promises!

Presenting an interview with Ankit 'akj290' Jajodia, our Baazigar who is well and truly on his course to be the next big name in Indian poker. This shy, soft-spoken young lad has already clocked an impressive 2427 tournaments, 562 titles and 340 cashes - and he has put this all to some good use by topping the Monthly (Major) Tournament Leaderboard with 3514 points now. A devoted perfectionist, he completed a marathon grind for 40 days in minor tournaments to seal most (if not all) loopholes in his game and then topped the first major tournament that he played thereafter.

Last Sunday, I sent Ankit a text with my good wishes for his game and he responded in a kind measure by topping the rankings for two times in as many weeks! 

How did you get introduced to poker?

I have been a student of Poker since I was in the seventh standard. I developed my knowledge by watching YouTube videos, reading about the moves of other players on the internet and then playing freerolls to sharpen my game. Spread linearly over a period of several years, this three-pronged strategy has played dividends as I can now often think of multiple moves at the same time.

How did the duo of PokerBaazi and cash games occur to you?

It was in October last year that I first came to know of PokerBaazi. It is India’s most trusted poker website and that’s exactly where my journey of playing real cash games started. For the first two months, I was finding it difficult to come terms to the ‘cash’ realm but over time I picked myself up with grace.

With regards to PokerBaazi, I had fallen in love with its website right since day one! It has a beautiful interface, intuitive navigation and has a multi-layered customer support. The company serves interesting promos regularly and with the launch of their three new leaderboards, it has shown that it cares deeply for small stake players. The icing on the cake is the launch of Baazi Rewards.

The list can go on and on!

How much buy-in did you start off with?

I started off with token size buy-ins of INR 100 or INR 200. Gradually, I moved up to the INR 1100 level too and currently I am playing with a buy-in ranging up to INR 2200. I have never gone above INR 5000 buy-in.

After how much time did you choose poker as a full-time career?

I’m glad you asked this question! Poker was an obvious choice for me but the path to it was not. It took me a lot of courage to bid goodbye to my family business. My parents were okay with me playing poker because they knew of my laser-guided focus for this game. After my stellar show in previous editions of Endeavour and Baazi Super Sundays, I made up my mind that poker was to be my life forward and you know I am just so glad I made that choice!

What advice would you like to give to aspiring poker players?

Poker takes years of unidirectional focus, untiring hard work, top-notch gaming skills and a ‘never say die’ attitude to master. My advice for all aspiring poker players would be to work on their basics and their focus would take care of the rest. Yes, there would always be failures aka downswings in poker but you should always guard yourself against losing your self-confidence. With poker, you would always come back a stronger person.

I would like to thank Navkiran sir (CEO, PokerBaazi.com) for making such a remarkable platform for small-stakes players and Grinders. A special round of applause is also in order for Varun sir (Marketing Director, PokerBaazi.com) for always being there for me on phone and in person. Cheers!

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