Feb 29, 2020

Poker Up-Close With Vinay ‘vinay09’ Rajpal

Presenting The Success Story of Vinay Rajpal

Vinay ‘vinay09’ Rajpal is no stranger to Indian poker circuit. A prolific ace card player, he has won several cash games and high-profile tournaments on PokerBaazi.com in less than a year now. He has also very neatly duplicated his performances at both the Leaderboards and is leading the Minor Leaderboard right now. He is also one of the frontrunners in the Major Leaderboard.

We ran into him today and went on to know the inside scoop of how he had scripted history.

You started as a low stakes player but evolved into a proficient high-stakes player. How did the transition happen?

 I started as a professional poker player about a year ago. I had then told my family members of my love for poker and that I wanted to give it my best shot for a year. I had never thought that they would accept my request, but they did- and ever since that day, I have only made them proud with my gameplay. Their love has been the inspiration behind my transition into a prolific high stakes player.

How did it all start?

I started playing poker three years ago on PokerBaazi.com. I played only freerolls for two years until I was able to convince myself that I belonged to the bigger stage.

I then started grinding with lower stakes of INR 250, 500 or 1100 and subsequently gained enough confidence to play mid-stakes. Over time, I devoted myself to make observations and was able to build up a decent bankroll; a habit that continues to this day!

One thing I’d like to point out. I have been a loyal player at PokerBaazi and I love playing here. It has given me a lot to write home about- be its free promotional offers, Cash Drives or its high value guaranteed series. I have always felt confident playing here because I have played more than four thousand tournaments on PokerBaazi.com and have cashed out over a thousand of them too. It has been a happy journey since day one!

How do you read your opponents?

I make notes and observe their playing habits. This is important because in poker, you may often come across the same players and since their playing habits almost never change, you start from a position of advantage if you have notes. I often mark my notes when a certain player makes a bluff on a pot so that it works as a ready reference for the next time.

What is your daily schedule? Do you have any preferred strategy as well?

See, poker is the music of my life. I grind for 14-16 hours every day with a few breaks of half an hour each to recharge myself. I usually start playing at noon and then go on to play until 2 am. I do stretch when there is an ongoing promotion that suits me.

With regards to strategy, I prefer going in with the flow and playing according to the volume. My advice for anyone would be to build their bankroll and play strictly according to it.

You used to play cash tables earlier and now you are playing top tournaments. How has been the transition?

Oh, it has been amazing! I used to play cash games earlier but as I became more experienced, I came to know that tournaments have more scope. PokerBaazi is offering several high guarantee tournaments so it is a win-win situation for me. I believe I can do better and that’s exactly what I am trying to accomplish in tournaments now. I am pleased with the way I am going ahead now.

What do you think of PokerBaazi?

I have been playing poker on PokerBaazi for three years now and have seen this website evolve to its present form. It is simply the best website in India.

There are four things I like most about it:

  • It has a helpful and clear TDS policy that encourages the healthy habit of taxpaying among all players.
  • It runs excellent promotional offers and codes the year-round.
  • It has a top-class customer care. I can call them up at two in the night and they still respond.
  • It is the best website for Grinders. I have received immense personal support from Navkiran Singh (CEO, PokerBaazi.com) and Varun Ganjoo (Marketing Director).
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