Apr 02, 2020

Importance of position in poker

Position defines the order in which you act in a poker game. It becomes really significant in a no-limit Texas Hold’em than in pot-limit and fixed-limit games. You should always be aware of your position relative to the dealer button. A table position in poker is indeed making a difference between a winning a hand and losing a hand. Having a position in Texas Hold’em also refers to being last to act on the flop, turn or river. Also, you get to know the strength of your opponents by acting after them. With our upcoming PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) season II, we bring you few guidelines on how Position in poker can value your online poker game and win you more money.

Early position or EP

It refers to the seat left to the big blind. In this, you will always be the first to act throughout the hand and first to act after the flop. You will be relying on your cards to win the pot and you might desist playing weak cards from these positions. It is considered as the least favorable.

Middle position or MP

It refers to the seats between EP and LP. You get to play a few more hands than EP. But do remember if all the players from EP fold, you will have to act first on each round.

Late position or LP

It refers to the seats nearest to the right of the button. It is considered as the most favorable as you will be one of the last to act on each round. At this position, you can go as easy as you want with the range of hands you play.

The Button

It is a position from where you can play as many hands as possible and you will be the last to act on every betting round except the flop. It is usually considered as the best seat in the hand.

The Blinds

It is considered as the least anticipated since a player is required to underwrite to the pot and must act on all betting rounds after the flop.

There are three options you have in poker which are raise, call and fold. You can stake any amount when you raise as long as it’s at least twice the preceding bet. You call that is to put in the same amount as the earlier bet if no one has raised. In fold, you throw away all your cards.


To win money in poker or to make a bigger pot, you should raise three to four times if your cards are worth playing. In this way, you can also make players with weak hands to fold.


If you do not have strong hands like pocket cards or ace-king or ace-queen and someone has raised in front of you, it becomes really important to call that time.

Raise or fold

You can consider the options of raise or fold if no one has raised as it will win you more hands by giving you more options after the flop.

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