Apr 06, 2020

Relative position in Poker Game- An Overview!!

Relative position is a position where you are sitting at the table in relation to the player who raised pre-flop. It plays an essential role for your winning, particularly in Hold’em poker as you can always benefit from the fact that you are going last and you have better prospects to evaluate the moves of your opponents. For example, there are two players playing before you and first player bet and second player fold. Here the last one that is you on the button can check to close the button. It begins the cycle of actions all over among the players involved in the hand when someone bets on the flop.

We all know the advantages of the last position, but a problem occurs when a player to your immediate right makes a raise before the flop and another player after you call. Relative position can help you make money off the fish, and help you create a bigger pot when you have a hand. Usually, there are two types of relative position-

Relative to a certain player- At this position, you can entail extra bets from players sitting to your right. So, go for a seat with the loose, aggressive player on the left and fish on your immediate right. Sit to the right of the player if your opponent is playing very few hands. Also, sit on the left if your opponent is raising and re-raising every pot, it will help you react better to his aggressive play. 

Relative to a raiser- This position gives you a significant benefit of being on the immediate right of the pre-flop raiser. You can significantly let the raiser bet your hand for you when you have a relative position on the raiser, it will help create a bigger pot. 

Relative position can help you win a lot of money in online poker if played with mindfulness. Make sure that you do not play with mediocre hands if you are the first one to call after a raiser. The relative position is not as complicated as it sounds as all you have to do is just look out for a table calling a pre-flop raise. 

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