Apr 09, 2020

Signs You Are Getting Better At The Poker Table

Have been playing poker games for long now and still in a dilemma if you have crossed amateur stage or not? Don’t worry we are here with key pointers that will help you figure out your status at poker games.

No more hands out of boredom

The constant problem that has been commonly tracked is when amateur players are bored they play differently than the actions played earlier to it. Almost every amateur player goes through boredom factor after a certain point in time. But when you elevate from an amateur player to a professional player, you will see that every hand you play is for a reason. Not even a single hand is played out of boredom.

 Your bet-sizing decisions are clear now

As you pass more and more days in playing poker, you will see that bet-sizing decision is an extremely important situation in Texas Hold’em to lose less and win more. Closely, every bet or raise you make demands some thought in regards to sizing. When you start noticing that you have clear reasoning for your bet-sizing decisions, you will eventually know that you are improving. Most amateur players will bet small in certain situations to a fear of losing. So, if you see yourself making bets of different sizes and have a clear thought process that leads you to these sizes, you are positively improving.

Focused on playing hands well rather than winning money

This is another common trap that amateur players fell into. They lose a big hand, and that leads them to think of ways they could have played it better which states that a player has focused on the wrong aspect. Stronger players know that sometimes losing a huge pot is the outcome when you play a hand pretty well. This is true but other hands where you also lose it while bluffing or you take a stand trying to call a bluff only to run into a big hand. The focus should always remain on how good the hands can be played than winning a huge pot, which would certainly lead you to the lane of a professional poker player.

Control on emotion while grinding

Well aware of the fact that the online poker game is a mind game. Hence, the main difference between a professional poker player and a novice player is the ability to control their emotions at the poker table. You will never see a professional player get overjoyed after delivering a bad beat or winning a huge pot. However, many pros will try to fool you into thinking they are amateurs by faking emotions. You start out on tilt, playing emotionally, not rationally and lead you to the situation where you won't play your best. The opponents will sense your mood and take advantage of it.


Experience is the most important element in becoming a great poker player. It is impossible to become a great poker player without putting in thousands of hours at the table. Due to the online poker games, the ability to play hundreds of hands an hour is possible faster than ever before. The best way for an amateur poker player to get started is by downloading an online poker game app and playing small stakes.


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