Mar 22, 2018

You heard it right, PokerBaazi is writing history. Partnering with Haryana Hawks as their official title sponsor in the Match Indian Poker League 2018 will go a long way in the endeavors to put poker on the map of Indian sports. The initiative highlights PokerBaazi’s constant perseverance to remove taboos surrounding this game.

What PokerBaazi Has To Say

Here’s what the co-founder of, Navkiran Singh had to say about the collaboration. “It’s a proud moment for PokerBaazi to associate with Match IPL- first of its kind in India. I think MIPL is a great platform for poker players to showcase their skill in this spectacular mind-sport. We are really looking forward to becoming a part of this breakthrough concept. This will play an instrumental role in changing the mindset of people about poker, especially in our country.”

Joining hands with Match IPL 2018 will give PokerBaazi the edge required to propagate poker as a game of skill. The venture is in tandem with the visionary approach leaders at PokerBaazi aspire for.

About Haryana Hawks

Aiming for the stars and soaring higher than ever! Yes, this is the motto of Haryana Hawks, one of the chosen 10 teams at the Match Indian Poker League 2018. The team’s mascot clearly states that they have eyes set on the coveted title and glory galore. 

Play On

Well, there’s great news for PokerBaazi patrons as well. PokerBaazi brings you a chance to be a part of this amazing one of its kind league. Play the Qualifiers on and win to get selected in the HARYANA HAWKS Team.


The Match Format

Match IPL Qualifier1: This tournament will start at 8.30 PM on 18th March 2018. Entry through deposit code MIPL1 with a deposit of 500.

Match IPL Qualifier2: This tournament will start at 8.30 PM on 19th March 2018. Entry through deposit code MIPL2 with a deposit of 500.

Match IPL Qualifier3: This tournament will start at 8.30 PM on 20th March 2018. Entry through deposit code MIPL3 with a deposit of 500.

Match IPL Qualifier Finale: This tournament will start at 8.30 PM on 21st March 2018. Only the top 15 players from Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2 &                                              Qualifier 3 will be eligible to play this tournament.  

The Finale winner will be selected to play for HARYANA HAWKS team in the Match IPL Edition 2 to be held on 31st March at Kolkata.

Following are the prizes that come along with the Qualifier Finale.

Rank1: The Summit 10 LAC GTD on 22nd March, BSS 15 LAC GTD on 25th March and The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD on 27th March

Rank2: The Summit 10 LAC GTD on 22nd March and The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD on 27th March

Rank3: Mini Endeavour 5 LAC GTD on 26th March and Mini Summit 5 LAC GTD on 28th March

PokerBaazi wishes the entire womanhood “a very Happy Women’s Day”.

Here’s to the strong womanhood:

May we know It

May we be It

May we raise It

Women are the womb to mankind. They give birth to us, raise us, make us a human by soul and in the process make us life ready. A mother’s sacrifice, a sister’s care and wife’s love are like the three fundamentals of existence. On this day, salutes the presence of females in the biotic ecosystem. Not only do they win their home but also the harsh outside world. The international poker world is also blessed with players like Venessa Selbst, Kathy LiebertAnnie Duke and others and the Indian Poker community can also boast of players like Maria Kirloskar (PokerBaazi team pro), Muskaan Sethi, Nikita Luther, Suchi Chamaria, etc. In a country like India, where Poker is misunderstood players like above have outshone success in the field. Maria Kirloskar is the Pokerbaazi Team pro. She has won thousands of hearts with her excellent gaming skills. Her journey started with the big stage at the IPC in Goa in 2012. Since then her poker career was no less than a roller coaster ride. One of her deepest runs in the live circuit is the 11th place finish in a 300+ field in IPC ’15. She also took down the 15th position in IPC ’16 in a 230+ field. The multiple scores on various national and international online poker sites prove that her online gaming is not far behind. Maria loves’s Daily Deepstacks and Sunday tournaments. Another note-worthy Indian player is Muskaan Sethi. We all know that Muskaan is a gem of a poker player. She has been awarded by the President for her excellence in poker. This woman got an informal attachment to poker at the young age of 12. She is an entrepreneur and social worker by profession but returned to serious poker gaming 4 years back, in full force. Now, not only she but also her game is a treat to the spectator’s eyes. India can also boast of poker pro-Suchi Chamaria. She is one lady who stepped into the poker world holding the hands of her male counterpart – poker pro-Aditya Agarwal who is her husband too. But soon, her dedication and intelligence brought her poker status at par with her husband. She is presently the Team Pro at PokerMet. The list of bright female poker players in India is quite huge. As the days are passing by, the list
is getting longer. Kudos to all the leading ladies who are ruling the poker world, shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts- at times surpassing the poker men as well!

May the female participation in poker increase by leaps and bounds in future!


The fourth edition of our beloved MoneyMaker also ended with flying colours at dawn, yesterday. The felt saw active participation of players from all around India and needless to say that this initiative by was a grand success like the other times. is very proud to announce the winner of The MoneyMaker 4 - Mr Guruprasad Gupta. He bagged the coveted winner's bracelet and prize money of 30 LAC

The tournament had an initial buy-in of INR 11000. There were two different procedures to register one's participation. One could either deposit INR 30,000 by punching in the deposit code or play the satellites by investing as low as INR 22, win it and secure a ticket. This time the felt was 659 players strong and 497 players availed the re-buy benefit. The felt was exciting as usual and many notable Indian poker players graced the tournament with their game like  Madhur Khosla-4th Position, Zarvan Tumboli-10th Position, Pranay Kapoor-12th Position and Nishaanth Shanmughasundaram-15th Position.
Guruprasad Gupta is one of the most celebrated Baazigars. His performance on has always been spectacular, In early 2017, he won the PPL Special Edition Package in PPL RUSH.  After that, the 2017 Dhanteras season again brought Laxmi to his doorstep when he secured the 8th position in the HI Leaderboard of the Diwali Cash League. 2018 also didn't let him down. On March 4, 2018, he took down The Marvelous March Daily Leaderboard. This is all about his major wins. Apart from that, he has won huge bonus for Royal flush six times. All these achievements are proof of his mammoth poker skills and extraordinary grip over the game.
According to the champion, the final table brought along a number of memorable hands. Mr Gupta steered through the felt, towards victory by busting 7 players one by one. He had 2-1 chip lead over the others. Just prior to the final hand, MR. Gupta's ace kings got defeated at the hands of Sheetal Agarwal's pocket fives. Though the Champion was a bit nervous at that moment because the particular hand brought both the heads-up finalists at par but a competent player never looses his hope. In the last hand of the heads-up battle, Mr Gupta was dealt with ace-eight of hearts and  Agarwal was dealt with pocket tens. Both of them went all in. The flop hinted at Gupta's win with a heart's flush but the turn paired up. But Destiny in co-ordination with skills is the winner always, the river round was on Gupta's side.  Subsequently, a brick on the river confirmed his win The river round declared Gupta as the champion and Sheetal Agarwal had to settle for the position of the first runner-up.

Day 7: Manoj ‘killbill’ Pentakota ships PPL Spring’18 Main Event for INR 28.2LAC

The PokerBaazi Premier League concluded yesterday with the Spring’18 Edition. The week-long series marks the first of four such series scheduled for 2018. Indian Poker-Pro Manoj ’killbill’ Pentakota took down the 1Crore Guaranteed Main Event for a whopping INR 28.2LAC! Here’s a look at the action from the Final Day.

Event 37: 1L GTD RE

First up was the 1LAC guaranteed Re-entry event, which roped in 129 entries. ‘kris81n’ took down the event, defeating ‘griezmann’ heads up for a payday of INR 29,920.

Event 38: 3L GTD Deepstack Turbo RE

This 3LAC guaranteed Deepstack Turbo Re-entry Event was next in line and attracted a field of 164. Heads up play saw ‘superchor89’ and ‘TheInternetKid’ battling it out, and it was eventually ‘superchor89’ who came out on top and scored INR 60,750 for his efforts.


The event that everybody had their eyes on- the PPL Spring’18 Edition boasted a Main Event with a guaranteed prize pool of INR 1Crore! 471 players took part in the event, utilizing an additional 253 re-entries. Eight and a half hours is what it took to crown our champion – Manoj ‘killbill’ Pentakota. He defeated ‘schemer’ heads up for a life-changing amount of INR 28,23,600. Runner-up received INR 16.01L. The Final table also featured names like ‘kornkid’ (5th), ‘Sidddhu’ (6th) and ‘Killersam’ (8th).

Event 40: 25L GTD RE

Event 40 featured 25L in guaranteed prize pool and roped in 208 players. ‘Acesheart’ took down the event, defeating ‘Sidddhu’ heads up for INR 4,87,500. Second place received a payday of INR 3,62,500.

Event 41:

Event 42: Hangover 2L GTD RE

The trademark Hangover Event concluded the series, and promised INR 2L in guaranteed prize money. ‘kallolbecs’ took down the event defeating ‘floatfish’ heads up for a payday of INR 52,580.

Congratulations to all the winners of Day 7!

Stay tuned as we announce the Leaderboard Winners of the PPL Spring’18 Edition and PPL Fantasy League. Find the details in the links below:

PPL Spring’18 Leaderboard:

PPL Fantasy League Leaderboard:


Day 5: PPL Spring’18

The PokerBaazi Premier League Spring’18 Edition concluded its fifth Day with Events 25 through to 30. Here’s how the Day unfolded:

Event 25: 1L GTD R+A

The Day kicked off with Event 25 – a 1LAC guaranteed Rebuy/Add-on event. It saw 118 entrants along with 193 rebuys. Heads up saw ‘jeeven’ defeat ‘flippp’ for the win and a payday of INR 22,000.

Event 26: 3L GTD 6-max RE

Next up was the 3LAC guaranteed 6-max Re-entry event, which roped in 95 entries along with 84 re-entries. It was eventually ‘criminal_mind’ who took down the event, beating ‘abhishek081190’ Heads up for a sweet payday of INR 72,000.

Event 27: 4L GTD FO

The 4LAC guaranteed Freeze-out Event was next in line and attracted a field of 130 players. After over 5 hours of play, heads up saw ‘VJS2807’ and ‘Lucid’ battling it out, with the former coming out on top and winning a prize of INR 88,000 for his efforts.

Event 28: 2.5L GTD R+A

Event 28 was a 2.5LAC guaranteed Rebuy/Add-on event. 95 players took part in the event, utilizing a total of 158 rebuys. ‘qazxsw2’ came out on top of the field, defeating ‘agent080’ heads up for a score of INR 60,000.

Event 29: 50L GTD 6-max HighRoller

The big one of the Day, Event 29 marked the featured Event – a 50LAC guaranteed 6-max Highroller event. 118 of the biggest names in Indian poker took part in this event, utilizing a total of 49 re-entries. It was none other than recent WSOP bracelet winner Aditya ‘gangajal’ Sushant who took down the event, defeating ‘Sara24’ Heads up for the title and a mammoth Payday of INR 11,00,000. Second place was rewarded INR 8,25,000.

Event 30: The BIG 10 (5RE)

The final event of the day was the Big 10 – a 10LAC guaranteed Re-entry event. Over 6 and a half hours of play was what it took to crown the winner – ‘fsociety’ who defeated ‘AbhishekRathod’ heads up for the win and a payday of INR 2,10,600.

Congratulations to all the Winners of Day 5!

Day 6 of the PPL Spring’18 kicks off at 2:00 pm today and is Headlined by the 15LAC guaranteed Main Event Warm-up, scheduled for 8:00 pm.

The complete schedule of the PPL Spring’18 is available here:

Day 5 Leaderboard:

Day 5 Fantasy League Leaderboard:

Good luck for Day 6 Baazigars!



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