Feb 25, 2018

If played right, poker can give you a lifetime guarantee of winnings and it is undeniably profitable as it is a player vs player game. Deciding to play poker for a living is a big decision and should not be taken hastily. There are many stories of players making the leap to pro in an instant decision and regretting it later. Poker games online is a tough and grueling sport.

Questions to consider before deciding-

a) Do you really want this?

b) Do you really want to sacrifice that secured career for this?

c) Are you ready to devote your entire life playing poker?

d) Will you stay updated to poker by studying every day?

Factors you need to ruminate before you plan to become a pro-

There are no friends- Even if you don’t like your job, you still have co-workers to get you through the day but in poker, there are no friends but only enemies. You cannot share your strategies with them, forget about trusting them to support you. That’s why poker is a zero sum game.

You may go broke- All it takes is to undergo tilt and you are ready to lose everything in front of your eyes. In your regular job, there is certainty of getting fixed amount every month, which is definitely not the case in poker. In poker, if you don’t win, you don’t get paid.

Passive life- Playing poker professionally can make your life passive as most of the time, you are just going to be sitting in front of the computer playing poker. This will make you anti-social and can cause you to become somewhat of a loner.

No monthly fixed income- Before you make this decision, you will have to understand that you will no longer have a fixed cash coming into your account every month.

You are the best candidate to become a pro if –

You can let go of a previous bad play and sleep peacefully

If you are the one who keeps talking about your bad beats and still cannot accept your break that your flush on the turn got outdrawn by your opponent, then you should definitely give a second thought to your decision.

You know when to walk away

Remember, it is not a war and you are not a soldier. The Pros know when to quit while the gamblers get stuck in the vicious cycle of betting.

You have a safe bankroll

It is really important to have a sufficient bankroll to keep you afloat when your game is moving downstream. The bankroll you have eventually decided the stakes you will be playing and it will help you identify the blinds you are most likely to find yourself playing and the maximum buy-ins.

You keep a notebook

Pro means professional and the first step which strides toward professionalism is to keep a tab on your poker performance on a regular basis. Compare your winnings with the losses to understand the sound case.

You have money goals

Poker is not a regular job but you will still need to pay your rent, installments, shopping bills and traveling expenses etc. You need to consider the target amount of cash that you need to pay your expenses.

You love poker from the heart

If you are becoming a pro just because you hate your present job, then it is the worst decision you can take. Poker can be crueler than your present job and being unemployed is so much worse than in a bad job.

Heads up poker is a form of poker that is played between two players. No matter what form of poker is played, it eventually comes down to two players competing for the prize and a pot of money. This is known as heads-up poker. It is often regarded as the most profitable and enjoyable version of the poker game. Many players reach a particular level and unable to make it that extra leap. It is that one bout which you can easily end up winning if you play your cards right.

Player type

The best opponent you can get in heads-up is someone who is both tight and passive. You have a goal to win many small and medium-sized pot, if you are holding a very strong hand, you should give your tight opponent action in larger pots. You should play aggressively against a tight player and be quick to fold marginal hands when he shows strength.

Adequate bankroll

To handle the worst falls, 50 buy-ins are preferable and if you are a winning player, then you should have a minimum of 30 buy-ins for the level that you are playing at.

Table position

Position plays an important role, especially in heads-up. There is no in-between here as either you will be in the worst position or you will be in the best position. However, it is recommended to respect raises from the dealer and you should be more conservative at the big blind.

Pot Management

It is really important that you effectively manage the size of the pot and you should determine whether you need to play a small or large pot. If you allow your opponent control the betting size, then you are indirectly allowing him/her to control the amount of money that goes to the pot.


Try to vary your bets even if that means letting go of immediate expectation as most of the players have a tendency to repeat betting patterns. Look out for any unusual bet size and you can also take a note of bet sizes, which will help you gather a lot of information about your opponent’s hand.

Be aggressive

You have to be very aggressive in heads up as you are up against just one player and you have one thing in your favor. You need to be as aggressive as possible and not let the other player rule you.

Short stacks

An effective stack is the shorter of the two stack sizes, you will need to play with close attention to this effective stack when you play heads-up.

Folding hands

It is the best tactic to run down your opponent, you should come at your opponent hard and strong when you have a good hand. Also, make sure you calculate the odds of the hands when playing poker the game.

You might have heard about the difficulties faced by poker players such as bad beats, tilt, bankroll management and many other glitches. But the most uninformed problem faced by a poker player is a sleeping disorder. They face really troubling time to get a good sleep after a hard session. The sleeping disorder can drastically affect a game since it requires a lot of focus. Without focus, a player will make poor decisions which can cause him/her to lose money.

Poker drains your body and mental level and it is sometimes hard to forget poker beats especially after losing a game. However, you can improve this approach with practice as not thinking about money even after losing is a talent harnessed by Pros.

Losing money can take a toll on anybody and winning money can be venomous. The situation could be any and if you are facing sleeping problem from any of the states, this article is for you. Read on these tips to let the body chill out and relax.

Say NO to Medicines

Don’t ever get into the habit of sleeping pills as they will infect you slowly and steadily. It might relax you for some days but it will be an obsession after a few days which is evidently not a good thing.

Do Something Which You Like

Play piano if you like it or write something if you enjoy writing. The activity can be anything from reading the book to cooking your favorite dish, but doing that activity before sleeping will blow away all your troubles.

Avoid Big Meals

Whether it was winning or losing, many poker players binge on the heavy meal as soon as they are done with the poker online game which can really be a turn off for a good sleep. Your body would need a lot of time to burn away those calories causing you to lose sleep.


This is by far the most effective method to remove stress after the online poker game and helps focus better. Half an hour of meditation is enough to get a good sleep. You can watch online videos to know more about meditation techniques.

Don’t Go Directly to Bed

This is a common mistake made by poker players as they go directly to bed after playing a session. You need to give yourself a time after playing to calm down your thoughts and compose your brain.

Follow Bedtime Rituals

After a hefty poker session, take a warm bath while listening to soft music. Dim the lights hours before you go to bed.

If nothing works, watching Hannah Montana for 15 minutes would definitely work. After all, winning poker game is not just about how you play the game but more about a healthier way of life.

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