Feb 25, 2018

Playing online poker games either online or live give major lessons for life. Learning how to play good poker gives you a true multimedia learning experience that can be applied in life as well. Unfortunately, in poker and in life, we don't get the option to choose the cards that are dealt, we simply have to play with the ones with the best of our ability. The below mentioned are some of the points that one can implement in our daily life as well.

Bankroll Management

Try not to blow your bankroll on stupid things. Bankroll management plays an important role in poker. In the event that you don't have cash then you can't play.

The initial step to bankroll management is that you have to monitor your cash. Try not to play poker games for more than you can bear to lose. Squandering the cash on silly things will only diminish your bankroll. Give your cash a chance to make more money.

One more tip is not to carry on with a way of life that you can't bear the cost of either. You have to note everyday costs. Put some portion of that into an investment account that you cannot touch.

Search for Your Poker Leaks

Poker games for a change teach you to look for leaks which could affect your own game. They can particularly be negative behavior patterns and which are gaps that can make the vessel sink extra time. Settling the holes expects you to dissect your own particular course of action. That is extraordinary, however how to apply this to our own lives? Whatever circumstance you're endeavoring to enhance in your life, search for leaks. That could help you excel in the game and in life.

Emotional, Mental, and Financial Discipline

A standout amongst essential thoughts to be a poker player winner is to hold your feelings and funds under wraps. Indeed, even the best poker players have lost fortunes by letting either or both run wild. The standards are straightforward: don't play when disappointed, and don't play outside your limits. However, poker gives motivation to you: stay disciplined, or lose your money.

In life, similarly as in poker, sharpened emotional control enables you to take things slowly. To keep your serenity while others explode with rage. A sharp mental personality slices through the slack, while financial discipline keeps you grounded for life. Emotional reactions are regularly pointless and unfavorable in any basic decision processes. Abstain from settling on essential choices when you feel your emotions are out of control. Stride back, inhale and rethink.

Be open-minded

Try not to cut off your brain to different methods for considering or other potential answers for a problem. Most of the time, in poker and in life, the appropriate response will be obvious and straightforward, however, in different circumstances, it won't. There isn't generally a set in stone approach to playing a hand of poker, and similar remains constant in your regular day to day existence, once in a while you'll see that there is more than one right answer, and on uncommon events there can frequently be no smart responses and you need to pick between the lesser of two disasters.


Don’t let people know of your amateur or rookie status if you are participating in live poker for the first time. When it comes to poker, the rules must be memorized by heart because you break one rule, the table breaks you down. So, before you go all "Shuffle up and deal", here are some tips to prepare yourself for the poker tournament.

Take ample rest- Take a light dinner the day before the tournament and get 6-7 hours of sound sleep. You can also spend time with your loved ones to relax before the game. Never ever play poker the day before as it can muddle up your mind dramatically. 

Be in your daily routine- Follow your daily routine like a workout, yoga, meditation, and breakfast etc. on the tournament day. If you keep your daily routine same, you won't feel any pressure of the tournament. Instead, you will feel confident and self- sufficient to play well throughout the entire tournament.

Be comfortable- The poker rooms are usually air conditioned and cold. Make sure you wear comfortable and warm clothes to the venue. Reach the venue before time to get accustomed to the place. Take a look at the action and the players before getting involved. You can always take a help of dealer if you need to ask anything about the options or if you missed any action.

Slow and steady- These tournaments are not about how hard you hit, but it’s generally about how slow and premeditated you play. The longer you stay in these tournaments, the better your chances of winning the game. Be aware of your turn, don’t be a jerk and throw your cards when it’s not your turn. 

It’s not just a game- Playing in a tournament is not just playing your home poker game as you would be playing against a lot of quality players. So, make sure you have a well-planned strategy for this tournament. It might not just help you win a lot of money but can elevate your career to professionalism as well. 

Restroom tours- Bad beats or aggressive opponent can make you prone to tilt. If you lose 2 or 3 hands in a row, you may gradually become a victim of tilt. Don’t make the mistake of playing the game when on tilt, it will cost you a lot of money. Take a break of 5-10 minutes and only come back when you feel better.

These tips can make a huge difference in your game. Make sure you don’t let the lack of preparation affect your game. It’s an experience you surely don’t want to miss out.


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