Feb 25, 2018

Past couple of years, since poker has come into existence with a huge fad, it has outbound its presence. From live tourney to mobile apps, it has built its space everywhere.

Long free hours, itching to grind; have to wait for someone, delayed fight? Take your phone and start playing poker. From being convenient to giving an easy reach, poker games real money are now played on cell phones.

So, we are here talking about the advantages stating why playing poker on your favorite mobile device is an easy go.

Play Poker Anywhere, Anytime

The essential advantage that a cell phone gives is that play poker anytime anywhere! No matter what situation you are in, you always make time to play poker. The exhausted mind when you back home, waiting for your food order or any random situation- all you have to do is sign in to PokerBaazi.com and start grinding. The scene is sorted!

Online Poker Runs More Smoothly On Mobile Phone

One noteworthy observation you will always notice while playing it in mobile is that it is a smoother playing background than on your PC. You will find that majority of poker portals offer HTML5 technology as opposed to Flash, which is quicker and considerably more secure for the online players accessing from phone.

Mobile Players Get Exclusive Bonuses

Get ready for the exclusive bonuses if you play texas holdem poker online from your mobile device. Online poker rooms and casinos are engaging more players’ on their websites via mobile phones. One bonus type that every poker portal gives out is a welcome bonus, make your first deposit after signing up via mobile and get free cash to spend at the poker tables.

Besides this, there are many other bonus codes for ongoing tournaments. PokerBaazi offers the biggest promotions that you will see in the market. There are always awesome promotions going on especially for mobile users ranging from free tickets to high value tournaments to hefty bankrolls for you to take a swing at the cash tables.

Enjoy High Quality

The mobile phone doesn’t compromise the quality of the game ever. Despite everything, you get impeccable graphics and gameplay which gives you an ultimate poker experience.

The Process Is Very Simple

You can simply download the application without any complications. This takes only a couple of steps and you are all set to sit at poker tables. Make sure that you sign up today at PokerBaazi and reserve your seat for the biggest poker tournaments taking place.

Poker is loved universally due to the exhilaration and thrill provided by it but the only woe many embryonic poker players have is the time. Many times you don’t have that plenty of time to play full poker game. Let’s say you come home after a hard day and to pair some respite, you want to play fun oriented poker for a while but that seems to be an impossible thing to some oblivious players. Keeping this requisite in mind, we bring you a list of poker games which only takes a few minutes to play and correspondingly maintains the excitement.

Slovak Double Barrel

It is a great gamble indeed for a short time excitement. Players playing Slovak Double Barrel get two cards face up and two cards face down. A player gets the choice to trade for a face down card by mucking one face-up card. Players will have to exhibit the cards they have. The flop is dealt and the process is repeated once again. Players will have to show cards again and best poker hands triumphs.

Dutch preference

It is exciting yet challenging where each player is allowed to look at three cards given to them face down. Any of the cards is given to opponent sitting on their left. One card is always discarded by each player so they always have two cards. Any player who wins two boards or more wins the game.

Estonian Twist

Want to play with tactics? This is perfect for you. In this, each player is allowed to look at the three cards given to them face down. The flop is dealt afterward. Each player makes the move by tossing one card to the player sitting on his/her left. Best hand triumphs the game.

Blind Omaha

The rules required to play this game is same as that for regular Omaha poker, where each player is dealt four cards down. The next step is a turn where every player displays their two cards. The step repeats also known as the river. Best hand triumphs the game.

Blind Hold’em

This is the most popular game played for a short time where every player is given two cards face down and required to deal out a five cardboard. Hands are later revealed and the best poker hand takes it.

5 days, 24 super exciting events, 6.5 MILLION GTD prize, 20 LAC GTD Main Event, 2OK HighRoller Event, that’s some of the classy frills of PokerBaazi Premier League 4. We are already convinced that PPL 4 is offering the biggest cash prize ever offered to the Indian online poker community and each passing day is getting remarkably adorned with thrills and exhilarations. The day 2 was massive with the total prize pool of the 4 events reaching 11.44 LAC!

First Event

The first event commenced at 7 PM for 45K GTD [R+A] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em. The event attracted 109 players and created a prize pool worth Rs 115500. Jimmy Arora ‘jeeven’ seized the lead with a cash prize of Rs 27720 making it two wins in two days , ‘Yogiraj’ grabbed the second spot and earned Rs 19635 trailed by ‘PlayEasy565’ at Rs 13860.

Second Event

The second bout started at 9 PM for 50K GTD [FreezeOut] Pot limit omaha poker. 105 players contested in it bringing a prize pool of Rs 105000. ‘rachubaba’ claimed the first position and earned Rs 25200, phil_ivey took the second spot by winning 17850 and ‘himanshu.zak’ took the third position by winning Rs 12600. The competition was delicately composed, but soon the tables turned with an instigation of the main event.

Main event

The main table voyage began at 10 PM for 5 LAC GTD [FreezeOut] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em.  The main event drew 156 players creating a prize pool worth Rs 780000. The battle lasted for nearly 6 hours. Sridhar Ramineni ‘PlayEasy565’ came out the best to earn a cash prize of Rs 157950, ‘Perfecto’ took the second spot by winning Rs 118950, ‘Hades’ earned a prize money of Rs 89700 for the third place and ‘Amit030’ took the fourth place by winning Rs 66300.

Fourth event

Action approached the fourth combat for 60K GTD [6MAX] [R+A] NO LIMIT Texas Hold’em at 11.30 PM and attracted 114 players. They built up a prize pool worth Rs 144000. ‘sai120293’ paced to the top position by winning Rs 34560, ‘Vinstill’ captured the second spot by winning Rs 24480 and ‘pottysingh’ took the third spot by winning Rs 17280.

On the Leaderboard standings after Day2, ‘PlayEasy565’’ took the top spot with 934 points, ‘jeeven’ conquered the second position with 829 points and ‘zimmyyash’ got on to the third rank with 771 points.

There are three more days of play left in PPL 4. Head over to the PPL 4 Main page and check out the  schedule of the remaining events. Want to register? Have more questions? Just drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 1800 3000 9630 Toll-free.

Please follow our social media channels for all the live updates of PPL 4 to find everything from the leading players in terms of money, final tables and leaderboard points etc.

Planning to play online poker for the first time? Well, PokerBaazi brings a quick guide to play poker easily and effectually for the first timers. Poker is an array of thrill, fun, joy, surprises and lot of excitement. If you haven’t played poker for a long time, then this guide is definitely for you to brush up all the tips and tricks used in the poker game. You can get sufficient knowledge on eminent poker tips, poker hand rankings, basic poker rules, bankroll management, variations, customer support etc.

Poker Rules

We have compiled all the guidelines used to play a poker game on our site to help users enjoy and learn from their first experience. You can read all the basic rules of Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha. This is an experience which you are going to share with all your friends in the future. Whether you are playing for fun or to boost your ego, the goal would be to win the game pooled with fun.


You can play online Texas hold 'em poker India and Pot limit Omaha on our podium. You can read all the basic rules used in these games. Apart from that, we have also listed out various strategies used to get the best out of the game.

Poker Hand Rankings

We have covered all poker hands order, whether you are a beginner or a pro. The experience will indeed be a fete from our given compilation of hand rankings on our page.

Position and Bankroll Management

We know how important these two factors are to win the game. You cannot control the position but you can surely control your bankroll management and this is what makes you a winner. The position is also really significant in a Texas Hold’em than in Pot-limit.

Poker Tips

We have concealed this section in a huge covenant and by that, we are really adamant about it. From tips for bankroll management to poker tips and tricks for beginners position, we have pronounced all important aspects. We have also briefed tips for poker beginners to not make you a dud in any saga.

Customer Support

Incase of any issues related to the game, you can get in touch with our 24*7 customer support. We will answer all your calls/emails instantly and will make sure that you get solutions on time.

PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) is a big bang mix of Poker tournaments of both Texas Hold'em & Pot Limit Omaha. Not only does this 5-days long Poker extravaganza include a big variety of cash guaranteed tournaments but also provides an opportunity to show a splendid use of skills in the various deep stack and turbo tournaments. PPL in its first season will be held from 16th-20th December'15.

The guaranteed prize of over 12 LACs makes PPL one of the most anticipated online Poker events in the Indian online Poker network.

The main event in this year's PPL will be a 5 LACs GTD DeepStack FreezeOut tournament at 11PM on 20th December'15.

PPL Leaderboard won't entice you any less! Following are the prizes:

First Position: 20K Bankroll on PokerBaazi.com & JBL Flip2 Wireless Speakers

Second Position: 15K Bankroll on PokerBaazi.com

Third Position: 10K Bankroll on PokerBaazi.com

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