Mar 31, 2020

The WSOP 2019: Tips, Strategy and Insight

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Gear Up to Own Your Vegas Trip!

It’s that time of the year again! The biggest and most prestigious poker tournament series is set to kick off today at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. May 28 – July 16 2019 will play host to the infamous series, and this year is all the more special as the WSOP celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Plenty of Indian players are travelling to Vegas for this special one, with all eyes on the coveted gold bracelet.

Travelling overseas for big events such as the WSOP is no doubt an expensive affair – not to mention the tiring and gruelling hours on the felts for days. Good planning, rest and a good strategy are some of the essentials for such events. Let’s take a look at a few poker tips and insights that could go a long way in planning ahead of events such as these:


Planning your stay is one of the most important aspects of such events. Since you would be spending the majority of your day at the casino, choosing the accommodation that is close to the casino can save you a lot of time. More often than not, you would be leaving the poker room late at night and would need to come back relatively early the next day. So make sure that you waste less time commuting and instead, get more hours of sleep! 

Plan your expenses

Make no mistake – Las Vegas isn’t cheap! Whether its accommodation, meals, travel or even a night out – be sure to check costs beforehand. One of the biggest advantages of the poker boom in India has been the rise in a number of Indian players at such events. Plan your stay and other expenses with friends and split costs!

What events are you planning to play? Stick to the plan!

This one’s tricky! Being at the WSOP can be overwhelming, to say the least. The hustle and bustle of the biggest tournament series in the world can sway even the best of us. Make a plan – and stick to it! Play events that you feel are +ve for your bankroll and playing style. Resist the temptation of diving into a cash game or tournament – there are way too many running round the clock. Instead, step out, grab a nice meal or check out Sin City – there’s plenty to do! 

Mental health

Another tricky one! The routine that goes with such events often leaves you drained. Try and get enough sleep, fit in a short jog or swim if you can. Yoga or meditation could go a long way too. Another important aspect is to avoid talking about bad beats – you’re a poker pro – you know how the game can be at times. Put it behind you, and start each day fresh and with a positive outlook. Whining is for losers!

Remember why you are there!

Well yes, you are investing a lot of money and playing in the most prestigious series in the world – but don’t forget – you are also in Las Vegas – and there is more than enough that can distract you from your goal. While balance is important, remember that you are there to play, to win, and to create history. Everything else can wait, and everything else comes second. Concentrate, focus and most importantly – enjoy it!

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