Apr 06, 2020

Texas Hold’em Tips for Beginners

Texas Hold’em is one of the popular form of poker where there are three rounds of community cards. Each player starts with two hole cards and can use dealt face up with betting after each round. The game looks easy to play but is made up of thrilling difficulties. The game is misleading and many variables need to be considered while playing Texas Hold’em. While we do believe, pros have their own personal playing style based on their experiences, we bring you a list of some of the tips for playing Texas Hold’em if you are just beginning to it.

Know your opponents

Players who know poker well plays a tight and hostile game. If your opponent is playing weak hands, you indeed have a chance of making money if your hands are better than your opponent’s hands. Many players play loosely and all you need to be is careful to make a lot of money in poker. So, observe your opponents carefully how they are playing.

Avoid playing every hand

Do remember folding is not a symbol of naivety. Try not to make a mistake of playing as many hands as possible as you will lose your stacks very easily. Know best starting hands and take time while making decisions.

They are just suited hands

Do not overvalue the suited cards as many beginners do. It does make your hands better but understand the difference between value and unused. You can consider throwing a hand like ten-six whether it’s suited or not.

Know the significance of position

Sometimes, having excellent position can win you a lot of money than having excellent cards. Always try to understand the strength of your opponent’s hands if they act in front of you. You should make your bets accordingly and understand your position in respect to the blinds which is indeed a key factor in winning the hand.

Know when to call

You can close the betting action if you are on the button or if you want to hide your excellent hands to raise the stakes in later betting rounds.

Know your limits

Join the tables which your bankroll can afford and do remember your financial limitations while pondering over table limits.


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