Mar 31, 2020

Top 5 Poker Superstitions You Need To Know Now!

Top 5 Poker Superstitions 

Poker is a funny game. It can make even the most capable of players look silly on a given day, should they underestimate or overstep a shot. There can be no playing down the fact that it is a game that catches players between its superior psychological and analytic skills and BIG financial gains.

But that’s also exactly where it makes players superstitious!

Superstitions in Poker

Innumerable poker players believe in superstitions and then there are others who feel superstitions are useless and mastering your skills is everything. But observing superstitions is still a common sight in almost all major poker tournaments.

These superstition may vary from always wearing a certain t-shirt for the game to always sitting in one particular direction and so on. And it can be anything, maybe a starting hand you’re good at or a particular bad hand that always makes you lose the game, or even a specific position at the table. Funny thing is it works just the same for both online and offline games.

Here are a few:

  1. J-J are “bad”: Pocket Jacks make for a very strong starting hand but it takes some hard practice to get it going your way. Thus being the most misplayed hand in the game, it is considered a bad hand and accounts for one of the most popular superstitions. Amateur players might not be able to play this hand well in a consistent game so probably a superstition like this is not going to go anytime soon.


  1. Doing “strange” things in a game: There are people who’d do unreasonable things to either keep them focused or clear their head in a game. If you’re a fan of this game, you would even notice people doing strange this even in tournaments that are being telecasted across the world. Some even sit in a particular posture throughout the match thinking it would pay-off!


  1. Wearing soiled or new clothes: There are different views on this superstition. Some players take the former route while others take the latter. Some even repeatedly wear the same outfits for tournaments on end to emerge as the better one.


  1. Red is the colour: Since the colour red is considered as a symbol of good luck, many players believe that wearing the colour red would bring them great luck and ultimately winning the game. Some of them also believe that red colour scares “bad spirits” away.


  1. Picking cards with left hand is unlucky: There is no point laughing this around. While you may think that doing a work with left hand is considered inauspicious in some East Asian countries, the situation fares no batter in European and American continents either! Picking cards with left hands is considered very bad and you possibly won’t ever find a poker player doing it.

Superstitions are definitely a fascinating thing. Many people live out their entire lives based on superstitions, be it of any kind. And there are others who live theirs out by logic and reasoning.

Neither of them is wrong. But what amazes us most about these superstitions is how people work through them in a game of poker and even come out winning!

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