Jul 19, 2019

Why BAAZI REWARDS is The Best Loyalty Program!


Hello Baazigars!

I am writing this post to throw some light on the BAAZI REWARDS. Have been getting lots of queries and why not, the most surprising things do invoke queries. I will try to keep this crisp. 

Let me tell you why Baazi Rewards is the best loyalty program out of all. 

*I will start with the most interesting part which is that there is NO EXPIRY of your reward points in the LOYALTY REWARDS Program! This means that there is no time frame and you can go on to claim whichever level you wish to. Of course, the time period in which one can achieve a level only varies with the kind of volume one puts. So for example, if player ‘A’ is able to achieve a certain level in one week, player ‘B’ might take two weeks to unlock the same level. We have actually put in a lot of thought into it to make it feasible. So, a 200/400 stakes player can get a Jaguar in approx 6 months, a 100/200 player can win a Vegas travel package in a month and a Main Event Vegas package in a quarter, 50/100 stakes player can win an iPhone X every month! 

*Levels are INDEPENDENT of each other which means you can target the prizes of your choice. So, if you want to go directly go for a Vegas package or an ICC World Cup package or the ultimate Jaguar, you can do that and this makes all of it even more achievable. Also, you can one level multiple times but not in the same month.

*Don’t worry about the TAX. People have raised concern specifically on the tax part if they claim a City, Fortuner or a Jaguar. But taxes on the prizes will be taken care of by PokerBaazi.

*PREMIUM Levels give out prize at max rake back percentages which is upto 50%. The minimum for any other level is 22%. 

Let’s talk about the CASHBACK Program now:

*The Reward Points in this are calculated weekly from Monday to Sunday and rakeback is directly credited on Monday morning. Once credited, Reward Points will be set to zero.

*You don’t have to claim the rake back, it will automatically be processed on Monday for the previous week.

*This will only be effective once you switch to Cashback program from the default Loyalty Rewards Program. You can always switch back once in a month.

*This is a volume based program and gives out 10% to 40% rakeback depending on how much you play.

To check out all the prizes and cash back Slabs, visit this link: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/baazi-rewards-info

Some of you might be asking yourself ’’WHICH PROGRAM SHOULD I CHOOSE?’’. It is very simple. If you are gonna put in good number of hours in a week, then Cashback program will be more beneficial for you as you can target 40% rakeback. If you don’t want to play under any pressure of time duration and play as per your choice and want to target the amazing prizes, Loyalty Rewards program is made for you.

You can give it a try and see for yourself. I am 100% sure that one of these two programs is the most suited for you and is a best giveaway from a site to its player.

I hope this clears the air, but don’t hesitate to contact PokerBaazi support if you still have any queries. Reach out to them at 180030009630 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Some more exciting surprises coming out soon. 

I wish you good luck at the tables! 


Navkiran Singh



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