Feb 25, 2018

It is correctly said that it takes a minute to learn poker games, but a lifetime to master. Very few people have both immediate and long-term success from the moment they first sit down at the table. Instead, most beginners make huge blunders that cost them noteworthy money.

This article explains some of the common flaws that amateur poker players make so that you are on the road to poker mastery.

Most amateurs think they are much better at poker than they truly are. This perception is likely because most people who stick with poker for any prolonged period of time, experience at least some level of success. Very few people keep playing if they lose the first 20 tournaments they enter. Those players quit and move on to something else.

The people who experience immediate short-term success are the ones who keep playing. This initial success leads most amateurs to be overconfident in their skills. Instead of working hard to polish their skills at the poker table, they assume they must be great and don’t doubt their skills.

If you want to turn out to be an excellent poker player, it is important that you must realize that you have to spend your time at the table persistently, paying attention. As soon as you stop studying, your opponents will quickly pass you by and you might find yourself at the edge.

Most amateurs develop a default poker strategy, and stick to it – they tend to develop their strategies based on what they are comfortable with. This situation usually leads them to almost never bluff or constantly bluff, based on the opponents they frequently play against. They also tend to think in definitive statements, such as “I always raise with top pair”, “I always hit my straight draws” or “Fred always bluffs”.

Do not let your emotions influence your strategy. One more common mistake that amateur poker players make is that they usually play online poker games much too large for their bankroll. The sooner you stop thinking emotionally while playing poker, the better. It is a fact that people who take their opponents’ actions personally do worse than those who simply make the best possible play in each situation.

If you find yourself in a situation when someone continuously re-raises you, you should figure out some strategy to overcome the situation and implement it to take advantage of their aggression, instead of getting annoyed.

You should also try to identify what precisely makes each specific opponent nervous. Making basic reads such as “he is breathing heavily, so he must have a strong hand” and “he is blinking a lot, so he must be bluffing” will only take you so far.

For example, some players get jumpy when they know they are going to win a huge pot while others get excited when running a massive bluff because they're afraid they are going to lose a huge pot. While both players may appear excited, it is for completely different reasons.

Keep in mind these few habits that amateur poker players often exhibit and thus, you’re your strategies accordingly to win more fortune and titles.





Having successfully concluded PokerBaazi Premier League Winter’17 Edition recently, PokerBaazi is now looking forward to its upcoming ‘The MoneyMaker 2.0’. The declaration of the MoneyMaker 2.0 marks the speedy progression that the sport has witnessed in the country in recent times. With more and more players developing an interest in the poker felt, the game has risen in popularity and promises to create a stir in the days to come.

The portal is ready to host India’s leading online poker tournament- ‘The MoneyMaker 2.0’ on the 26th of November at 6 pm. Guys get ready to roll, this is going to be huge! A glorious event features a gigantic prize pool of a massive INR 1 Crore. Big action calls for a colossal payoff, the winners will walk off with a guaranteed 30 Lac and 20 Lac for first and second place individually. This is not it, the website further intends to reward cash game lovers with an exciting poker promotion called ‘Cash Drive’. It is scheduled to start from the 25th of November till the 15th of December, additionally, the Cash Drive offers a bonus amount of up to 300% based on VIP point races and stack challenges, available in multiple categories. Check out the details on the link below: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/promotions/cash-drive#

October the 1st, 2017, witnessed the first edition of The MoneyMaker and the response was huge.

So, the biggest online poker event is back with some more savor in it. Players from across the country will be hoping for some big conversions on their initial buy-in amount of INR 11,000. Players can win tickets to the event through online satellite tournaments for as little as INR 10, or deposit INR 30,000 or above with the code ‘TMMNOV’ to receive a free ticket.

Here are all the details you’d need for the upcoming event: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/the-moneymaker. Visit the website to create an account and begin your poker journey today! Good luck poker enthusiast, hold your cards right and get ready for the big action! See you!

The 2.6 Crore PokerBaazi Premier League Winter Edition is underway and attracted record-breaking numbers on Day 1. Here are the highlights of the day:

Event 1: 1.5 Lac R+A

The first event of the series kicked off with a field of 154 entries, 280 rebuys and 103 add-ons taking the total prize pool to INR 1,87,950. It was eventually ‘FishermanR’ who defeated ‘fullfront’ in the heads-up battle to record his first win of the series and a healthy reward of INR 38,060.

Event 2: 2 Lac RE

This event saw a field of 192 players (+221 re-entries) battle it out for the total prize pool of INR 2,06,500. Coming out on top of the field was ‘delguy420’, who defeated ‘dhirendra987’ heads up to take down the event and INR 41,300.

Event 3: 3 Lac FO

This Freeze-out tournament attracted 150 players recording a total prize pool of INR 3,02,000. The final table saw poker pro Shravan ‘FishStars’ Chhabria, who was the short-stack, come from the bottom of the pack to take down the event. The last hand saw a 3-way all in where Shravan knocked out 2 players and recorded his first win of the PPL Winter Edition. He won INR 63,420 for his efforts. Runner-up of the event was ‘007BahuBali’.

Event 4: 15 Lac RE

The highlight of Day 1, this event saw a total of 310 entries battle it out for pole position and INR 3,10,000. After nearly 7 hours of poker, it was ‘IamFish007’ who defeated ‘gangajal’ heads-up to win Event 4 and secure some healthy points for the Leaderboard race.

Event 5: 3 Lac Turbo RE

The final event of Day 1 roped in 157 entries (+ 120 re-entries). Heads up play saw two well-known players ‘ChubbyGhost’ and ‘nikita69QQ’ battle it out for first place and INR 60,750. Eventually, it was the former who came out on top. ‘nikita69QQ’ received INR 45,750 for his second-place finish.

Congratulations to all the winners of Day 1! Day 2 kicks off at 3 pm today and is headlined by the 10 Lac GTD Deepstack Freezeout.

The completion of Day 1 of the PPL Winter Edition also marked the beginning of the Leaderboard and Fantasy League Leaderboard races. Here are the standings going on Day 2:

Leaderboard: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl-leaderboard

Fantasy League: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/fantasy-leaderboard

Good luck to all the Baazigars for Day 2!

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Play poker games in India to find fish or Bad poker

You might have read a lot about how you can make a lot of money in poker from bad poker players or better known as the fish. It is indeed one of the most useful strategies while playing poker online. If you haven’t cultured to beat bad poker players, then you won’t be able to make much profits in the game. Here is a short guide for you on how to beat the bad poker players.

You will generally come across two kinds of bad poker players: Passive bad poker players and Aggressive bad poker players.

Passive Bad Poker Player

You can win a lot of money from Passive bad poker players by making better hands and betting strongly. Passive players do not like to fold and like to call a lot. As the name suggests, these players are very passive and refrain from betting a lot. Even if they do then they will usually have a hand. Avoid bluffing them as they might call you down with minimal holdings.

Aggressive Bad Poker Player

Aggressive bad poker players can fetch you more money than Passive players as they do a lot of senseless things in aggression. You should make a big call down when you see his/her value range is thin and bluff range is comparatively high. When aggressive, they do not have any idea of hand reading and hand ranges and be prepared to spot on. They will bet far too much without a hand and they will frequently check raise.

As we said, aggressive players are more profitable than passive players and they are rare to find. So, if you find one, then try to make as much benefit as you can from him. You need to slow your hands specifically with passive bad poker players. You can even consider playing slowly with aggressive players as they will keep bluffing on many turns and river.

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