Feb 25, 2018

Day 2 of the PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition saw a total of 907 entrants taking part in 4 events held through the course of the evening. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

Event 5: This 1.5 LAC GTD tournament pulled 237 entries, taking the total prizepool up to 2.09 LAC. First place, along with a prize of Rs 40,233 was won by “Laconic”, with Anirban “pottysingh” Das finishing runner up.

Event 6: This RA event with a GTD Prizepool of 1 LAC saw Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta oust a field of 202 players for the top spot and a prize of Rs 25,467 for his efforts. The runner up of this event was “Shankarnarayan”.

Event 7: The Main event of Day 2, this 10 LAC GTD 6-max Deepstack event attracted a whopping 269 entrants resulting in the Prizepool shooting up to 18 LAC! It was eventually “Intruder” who finished at the top of the pack, winning a cool Rs 342,000 in Prize money followed by Sam “thereallokimon” Anand in second place. The Final Table also included tournament regulars Neeraj “Selfclaimedpro” Kumar and PokerBaazi Team PRO Abhishek Panda, who finished 5th and 6th respectively.

Event 8: The final event of the day was the 2 LAC GTD Turbo. 199 players registered for this event which now had a total prizepool of over 3 LAC. The event was won by Akshay “sherlock52” Nasa, a young poker player who has made quite a name for himself in recent times. Akshay received Rs 61,600 in prize money and now finds himself at the top of the Leaderboard. The runner up of the event was “amit_3103”.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Day 3 of the PPL SE kicks off at 5 pm today. Come join the action and stand a chance to win from the massive 2.4Cr Prizepool.

Check out the Leaderboard standings here: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl7-leaderboard

PPL SE Fantasy League Leaderboard standings: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/fantasy-leaderboard

PokerBaazi would like to wish all the players the very best for Day 3. See you at the tables!

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The 2.4 Cr PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition got off to a flyer yesterday with the first 4 events attracting guarantee-crushing numbers! Here are some highlights from yesterday’s action:

Event 1 featured: We kicked off with the 1 Lac GTD RA event which saw “usermane” oust a field of 241 (unique) entries to take down the top prize of Rs 31,647. The runner up of this event was the ever consistent “Amit1Sur”. 

Event 2 highlighted: This 1Lac GTD FO tournament offered Rs 138,000 in the total prize pool. The top prize of Rs 26,315 was won by “shove_allin”, with “AnshAA” finishing runner-up.

Event 3 draw out: The highlight of the day, this 15 LAC GTD Deepstack event registered 245 entries battling it out for the top spot and a sweet score of Rs 348,425 in prize money. After over 7 hours of high octane poker, it was “rajjo_” who defeated “VnutsG” in the heads-up battle to be crowned the winner. A special congratulation to our very own Navkiran “baazigar21” Singh for finishing 3rd.

Event 4: The 1 LAC GTD PLO event was the final event of Day 1. This event attracted 133 entries and the GTD prize pool was more than double! The top prize of Rs 47,300 was won by “qazxsw2”, followed by runner up “Pokeraces”.

PokerBaazi would like to congratulate all the winners of Day 1 and wish you the best for the remainder of the PPL Special Edition. 

Join us for Day 2 today kicking off at 5 pm and stand a chance to win from the massive 2.4 Cr prize pool! Here are the Leaderboard standings after Day 1: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/ppl7-leaderboard 

Apart from that, the PPL Special Edition Fantasy League is now underway. You can find the current Leaderboard standings here: https://www.pokerbaazi.com/fantasy-leaderboard

Good luck Baazigars!
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PokerBaazi.com, country's most trusted poker brand, is back with it's prominent tournament series - The PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition and this version guarantees to be greater than any time in the recent memory! The Special Edition is scheduled to run from 28th August- 3rd September 2017.

The seven-day poker marathon will have 31 competitions with an astounding prize guarantee of 2.4 CRORE. You can check the grand schedule of the PPL here. The schedule has following big events:

  • 60 LAC GTD Main Event
  • 40 LAC GTD HighRoller
  • 20 LAC GTD PLO HighRoller
  • A daily big guarantee worth 10 LAC or more
  • All tournaments have a minimum guarantee of 1 LAC

The tournaments have the best structures as they are designed by PokerBaazi’s PRO team, which consists of some of the best known Poker players in the country including Abhishek Rathod, Abhishek Panda, Jasven Saigal, Vikram Kumar & Maria Kirloskar. Since its origination, the PokerBaazi Premier League has been the champion tournament series for Indian poker players. The previous 6 editions, have consistently beaten the guarantees and witnessed record participation. The latest, Season VI which took place in May 2017, easily crushed the record of 1.5 Crore GTD with of over 4000 entries.

The PokerBaazi Premier League is a unique series not only because of its massive guarantees ensured but also the giveaways. There are leaderboard prizes worth 15 LAC to reward your performance in the series. This includes a 3 LAC prize to the Baazigar of the Series. 

PokerBaazi.com is running daily satellite tournaments on its platform to help players win a package of the PPL Special Edition worth 55,000/-.

Step 1- satellites are daily at 4:00 PM and 9:30 PM

Step 2- satellites are every Sunday at 10:30 PM. Through these satellites, you can win the PPL Special Edition package for as low as 135.

The package and tickets of PPL are also available on the Baazi VIP Store, the website’s flagship poker retail store, the first of its kind in India. PokerBaazi is running an early bird offer giving away huge discounts on the tickets.

A calling station is an extremely loose player who plays too many hands and calls every bet, even with marginal hands. They are known as calling stations as 'Call' is one of their favorite moves. They are also among the most desirable opponents as they are weak and predictable, making them easy to game plan against. The most difficult part of playing with them is that they are not bluffable. Love them or hate them, but you gotta deal with them at the poker table. Here are a few tips to play against a calling station in any live poker tournament game.

Extract values- Remember to make a bet to excerpt value from your opponent, which means giving your opponent the chance to “catch up” something by letting him hit the turn and river at low cost. A delayed value shove is considered a good play if you have managed to hit a monster, a half or slightly more pot bet is suitable on the flop.

Isolate him- If you covet to get involved with the caller and yet fold most of the better players, make as many raises as possible pre-flop. Get into as many heads up pots as probable with the call-station player after isolating him.

Slow play- We all know betting on the sure thing removes any risks and this is where you check-raise your ogres such as AA and KK with slow play. Slow play can certainly help you extract value from calling stations. You should be checking/calling the flop and turn for the smallest amount possible in situational hands against call stations.

No to Bluffing- Bluffing is not often recommended as the calling station is always looking for a motive to call you. He will call even with lesser-strength hands and you don’t need the strongest possible hand to get rewarded. So, you should be checking your rival down to the river even if you don’t hold the best hands.

Avoid reading hands- It is a waste of time to read their hands as it is almost impossible to know what they are holding as they won’t be raising. You can check to them if you think they have a big hand and see if they bet. It is very probable they have hit something big if they do bet. You should also respect their raises and fold unless you have them beat.

You should have the strategy to match with these low limit players. Calling stations are usually one of the best types of opponents you can have as you can dictate where the actions lead and take control of the hands.

Other Useful Resources:-

Deep Stack Poker Tournament Strategy

Effective Tips For All-in Poker Strategy

The bubble is one of the most significant stages of any poker tournaments and is also one of the easiest to get all wrong. It may let you wonder whether you should be getting in such kind of situation in the first place. Some player will always show that they do not care whether they win money or not, but when bubble approaches, nobody wants to be the last to leave without money.

Stacks- Most of the tournament have such flexible bubbles that it can be used to structure your pre-bubble strategy with a stack that allows you to steal. It simply means passing on thin gambles when losing the pot would leave you unable to steal on the bubble or taking gambles when you don’t have hope of doubling up to a healthy stack.

Play the last bet- As it is a lot tougher to call a push with a marginal hand than it is to push, so try to structure your betting in such a way that you are the only player pushing all-in. You will notice that most players will not be interested in going after the flop if you play your draws aggressively. It’s not always necessary that if your opponent decides to see a flop, he has a big hand. Most of the time, they are just doing it to get a cheap showdown.

Blinds- You should defend their blinds if the play-to-cashers are not doing so. Don’t think an aggressive player on your right as a cramp, but instead, it is an opportunity for you as he is putting a lot of money into the pot that he cannot defend. It will always be a win-win situation for you as either he will keep raising and donating to you or he stop raising and let you go back to picking on the weak players' blinds.

Pay attention to chat- You can get a lot of clues from the chat about table nods or who is playing to cash. Players will comment on how often you have been calling or raising. They might also threaten to call you next time. So, try to focus on such chats as they might help you make tough decisions when facing a re-steal.

Know the players- You should start paying attention to who is making big laydowns and who is not defending the blinds. You should start evaluating probable play-to-casher even before the bubble begins. The tactic of open raise depends on three factors- your cards, your position and who is in the blind.

Not playing position- Your opponents won’t know when it is safe making a stand against you by being constantly aggressive. You won’t lose too much if you have to fold while making a less than standard raise. Make your move if there is a better than even chance you can steal this pot. It is a huge mistake to fold when it’s folded around to you and you are acting in the position. So, always raise in position unless you are facing an extreme stack.

It is gloomy, but simple that if you play a lot of poker games, you are going to bubble a lot of tournaments. You are going to lose some painful coin flips, take some horrific bad beats, cost yourself money, miss out on a lot of big tables and final table bubble a lot of big tournaments. So, better understand the dynamics and realities of the bubbles, it will help you able to crush the bubble stages of all major tournaments.

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