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Tips for Winning at Online Poker Game in India

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You may find so many strategies on different forums to play poker online in India, but the problem is that everyone plays poker differently. You may not be able to get it customized according to your own play, not even from a pro. However, one thing every pro swear by is that to be successful in online poker, you need to have more control and discipline than live poker. Here are some tips that you need to follow to win poker consistently

Don’t get diverted- Social media is literally taking over our lives, this could be good or bad depending upon your lifestyle, but it is indeed very dangerous for your poker game. Avoid getting distracted with that new tweet or snapchat as it is very important for you to watch every bet and move to play your own hand in future. Switch off your phone, block social media sites on your laptop and always keep one water bottle with you.


You may get intimidated if you are playing poker in India for the first time with the amazing software, colors, lights and so may button options. But you need to relax and avoid playing every bet, poker sequence or bluff ever hand.

Know when not to play-

Poker can be a good stress-buster, but it is very important that you play it with a right mindset. Playing after a heated argument with your boss is not a good idea. Know it's your money at stake. Also, avoid playing when you are tired as you would just want to go to bed that time without caring if you win or lose.


It is very important to have a sufficient bankroll. Once everything is gone, it’s gone. If you lose in a online cash games or get knocked out of that tournament, then you won’t be able to keep playing unless you make another deposit at the same time. Instead, if you play at stakes where you can afford to lose you will be able to handle a bad run much more easily.

Know a bit-

When it comes to playing poker in India, you should focus on having at least 50 buy-ins for any given stake level of a cash game. You need to have this large cushion just in case you go on losing big time – with a large relative bankroll you should be able to drop down a stake or two and revive yourself quickly.