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How to be a Better Poker Player

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Being a poker player is not what you show at the poker table, but it is more than that. To be a winner while playing poker online in India, it is important for you to have consistency, good online poker games selection skills, excellent IQ and most importantly, solid bankroll managing skills. This is a term that is used in poker which determines how much cash you should have or you will have in your PokerBaazi account to play a certain stake of cash game/tournament/challenge while playing poker online. No doubt there are other factors also which determine what level of poker you should play – such as how good you are, the standard of the players in the game and even your confidence level – but the main factor should be if you can truly afford to enter that game.

It's easier to understand if you relate your poker account to your bank accounts which you use in everyday life. Let's say you get paid an amount of money per month and are working to figure out how much rent you are able to pay. If you spend the whole of your salary on rent then you've got nothing left even to survive, so you should find a balance and instead spend a smaller amount that allows you to survive appropriately in the city. Similarly, it’s the criteria in poker rules – if you always put your entire bankroll or let’s says money in play at the table, and then you are leaving yourself no room for the next game or leaving no chance for Plan B. Here are some other tips that you need to follow to win online poker without losing a dime-

Finding the game-

It largely depends on the game you are playing, for example, a PLO player would need a bigger bankroll whereas No-limit Holdem cash game would need a smaller bankroll.

Winning prospects-

Do your complete research if you are not sure about the accuracy of your winning rate. It hardly matters whether you are playing online or live poker, you will need to keep track in order to last longer. Usually, the player’s winning rate in big blind per 100 hand play.

It’s more than fun-

The only fun parts of playing poker in India is the winning and rest everything is damn serious. If you are playing, then you must know it by now that the smallest of mistake can cost you a lot of money.

Know when to stop-

You always need to have an adequate bankroll to make the variance irrelevant or poker sequence. So, it is very important to play within your bankroll to play poker online successfully. Talk to any pro and he will advise you to be practicing bankroll management.

Knowing the pros and cons-

If you have a full-time job or but still holding onto playing poker 2-3 times per week and want to give full time to play poker online, then do go through all the pros and cons.