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Create Your Dream PPL Fantasy League Team

PokerBaazi.com brings you Fantasy League for the biggest online Poker league in India, PokerBaazi Premier League Summer'18 Edition - 4 Crore+ GTD.

The PPL Fantasy League is an exciting contest in which you can select your team of Baazigars and win big based on your team's performance.

PPL Fantasy League

How To Create Your PPL Fantasy League Team?


  • You have to select a team consisting of 1 captain & 4 players.
  • You may choose your captain and players from a predefined list of 349 players.
  • Each player in the predefined list of 349 players have a value based on their leaderboard performances in the first 6 seasons of PPL.
  • You have an option to choose only 1 wild card as your 5th player. The Wild card cannot be the team captain.
  • Wild card entry can be any player who is not listed in the predefined list of 349 players.
  • You have to mention PokerBaazi ID of your wild card player.
  • Irrespective of players, any wild card player will have 100 value points.
  • The total team value points should not be more than 600.
  • You have to create your team before 9 PM on 17th June 2018
  • Team once created, cannot be edited.
  • Each user is only allowed to create one team.

Please Note: You must be logged in, in order to create your team.

How The PPL Fantasy League LeaderBoard Works?


  • The total points of your PPL Fantasy League Team will be the sum of the PPL Summer '18 Edition leaderboard points of your individual team members.
  • The points of your team captain will be doubled.

PPL Fantasy League LeaderBoard Prizes

The PPL Summer '18 Edition Fantasy League carries prizes worth 2 LAC.

100000 Baazi Coins
50000 Baazi Coins
30000 Baazi Coins
15000 Baazi Coins
5000 Baazi Coins