Poker Insurance



The cash felts have never been more rewarding. Win or lose, we've brought you a MONEY BACK guarantee in which you earn both reward points as well as your deposit back as REAL CASH BONUS by playing on cash tables. All this comes on top of the existing levels of the Baazi Rewards Program which means you get a lot more EXTRA for your time at the felts.

Not only is it more rewarding, but it is also extremely easy to benefit from the promotion! Each level of the program assures some amount of your money back, so even if you can’t meet all targets, you are still certain to take home some part of your deposit as RCB as you keep completing your targets.

Here’s how it works:

  • Opt-in to the program using the deposit code GETINSURED
  • Generate reward points as a percentage of your deposit and win RCB as per the targets given below:
REWARD POINTS 6% of your Deposit 6% of your Deposit 6% of your Deposit
REAL CASH BONUS 25% of your Deposit 25% of your Deposit 50% of your Deposit


  • If you deposit 10,000 using code GETINSURED, then at Level 1 you must earn 600 Reward Points (6% of the deposit) to get back 2500 Real Cash Bonus (25% of your deposit).
  • You must earn an additional 600 Reward Points, to get back a further 25% of your deposit at level 2, i.e., 2500.
  • Finally, if you earn another 600 Reward Points, then you get back a whopping 50% of your deposit which is 5000.

In essence, you must generate 1800 Reward Points on a deposit of 10,000 to make back your full deposit.

Promotion begins 20th April and will end on 26th May, 2020

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  • To check your progress visit Poker Insurance Section under My Dashboard.
  • To claim the bonus, generate the required Reward Points and click the claim button in the Poker Insurance section under My Dashboard.
  • Poker Insurance can be claimed upto 3rd June 12PM but reward points will be counted till 26th May Only
  • Opt-in code can be used only once.
  • Opt-in code will be active from 12 AM on 20th April 2020.
  • There won’t be any bonus directly given with the opt-in code.
  • Reward Points will be calculated only after you use the Opt-in Code.
  • Reward Points earned during this promotion will be usable in the Rewards Program.
  • Happy hours won’t be applicable during this promotion.
  • Users can make multiple deposits after using the opt-in code to complete the target.
  • User can make maximum deposit upto 1Lac using the code
  • Only the reward points generated till 26th May will be considered for this promotion.